Monday, August 19, 2013

Questions for Morgan:)

Every week I send Morgan a list of questions that we hope she reads and answers back quickly.  Here are some of the questions and answers for this week....
1. Anymore weddings planned......We have a ton of weddings planned..its nice and a ton of work.  But that's all good
2.  Have you got your package?.....Nope no package.  I have only gotten one letter here
3.  What new thing have you eaten this week?....I ate this strange berry that makes all the sour things you eat sweet.  Like I ate three Limes after I ate the Berry.  It was pretty cool.
4.  How is your cough?....My cough is good
5.  Do you have warm water?....Yes we have warm water.  It's quite nice.
6.  Do you still run in the mornings?....Yep.  I run in circles around the house.  Because Soeur Li "doesn't do sport".....She loves Soeur Li!!!!!
7.  Have you heard of or seen cooked dog?......Yep and Cat.  I haven't seen it yet...thankfully.  I am having a hard time eating all this meat.  I am super close to just calling it vegetarian.
8.  What kinds of bugs do you see every day?....Cockroaches and Mosquitoes, nothing to crazy
9.  Do you have to do yard work?  Who does it?...Nope. Our yard is kinda just let it do it's thing.
10.  Do you have a ipad or cellphone? ....We have a cell phone and a portable DVD player.  Ipads are coming next year.

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