Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Manger Les Mouse Ears

I ate mouse ears this week. Yep. I know.  (No, they weren't real, they're a kind of mushroom.) I thought they were real for the longest time. And I was very scared. I also had tamarine. (Don't really know how to spell that.) It's basically a war head fruit. It's super sour and you just suck on it like a candy.
I've never been more worried about my teeth in my life. Sœur Li had to go to the dentist our first week, and the patient who came in after her was not happy at all. Why not? Well... He needed a root canal, and in Tahiti you just pull the tooth. Well... the dentist pulled the wrong tooth. So hello flossing and brushing like crazy. :)
I have been roped into being the pianist for the Firesides. So... I'm Learning arrangements for Come Thou Fount and He Sent His Son. It's been interesting. We're using the melody for Come Thou Fount, but singing Joseph Smith's First Pray in French. BUT. Wait for it. I moved the words around and figured out how we can sing it in Tahitian. So It's a mashup of French and Tahitian. It's going to be very cool. And all the missionaries who know me from the MTC know I have the worlds biggest case of piano stagefright. Bad. So, if you can play the piano, but not in front of people, don't let anyone know you can play the piano in Tahiti.
Okay. Announcement of the week.  I have a new companion. Nope, Sœur Li didn't go anywhere. I am in a trio. There are pros and cons to this. CONS: Shower time. Pros: Splits! I get to learn new things from another Sister.  I actually really like Sœur Avae. (Avae means foot in Tahitian) She is almost nearly the complete opposite of Sœur Li, but they both works super hard.  Which I appreciate. She's from Tahiti. She's been on her mission for 5 months now and she'll be with us for this transfer. It will be good.
This week really flew by. I feel like I didn't do anything. But we did. :) We taught lots of lessons, we have a baptism next Friday, we had a Zone Conference with the Faa'a, and Papeete stakes. It was nice to talk to Sœur Mann, Elder Squirrles (Squires), and Elder Ball. The Elders were pretty shocked French came out of my mouth when I talked to them. They had studied French before the MTC, Elder Squires tested out of the french part of the MTC and only came for the Tahitian, and said my french was good. That was nice. :) 
This Sunday was a tad difficult. A member of the Ward said something about my french that weren't very nice. SO. I have no idea if my french is good or not. :) I just go with it. It gets better everyday, and my Tahitian is going to be a lot better. Sœur Avae speaks Tahitian, so it's nice to have her with us. :) I don't have to search for my dictionary she can tell me what the word it.
Missionary Story of the Week:
We have a family we've been trying to have a family home evening with for a couple of weeks now. They're friends with our DMP, but each week it's been hard to have it. Why? Well, the Concubine (girlfriend, it's rare to find nonmember married couples) has cancer. She has chemo on Thursday, and is tired for the rest of the weekend. So we can have our Family Home Evening on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. It's been a tad difficult because last week she was really sick and was taken to the ER. But her Boyfriend called DMP and told him she said, "All of this is Satan trying to keep the truth away from me."  It takes a lot of faith to understand that. I'm pretty excited for this lesson (Le Plan du Salut) with her this Wednesday. It's going to be very good. I'm excited for her and her family.
This week is going to be very busy. We have a lot of lessons planned already and some more lessons we need to plan. I'm excited! It's always better to be busy. It makes the day more fun. The worst parts are when you don't know what to do because your plan and your backup plan fell through. So, have a plan A, B, C, and D.  That's the moral of my missionary life. If you Family Home Evening is a disaster (Like last night), use the terribleness of it to explain the Great Apostasy.
Okay, I'll explain better.  Last night we have a Family Home Evening with 20 people. That's a lot. We were going to play a game where you draw things and write things and pass the paper every 30 seconds. Well. Silly me forgot Georges is deaf and can't hear me yell stop.... So we had a nice traffic jam of paper and everyone was fustrated, and it was very bad. (Thankfully this family loves us, or we might not be going back.)  So we talked about how this game is exactly what we wanted to demonstrate. The Apostasy was confusing and fustrating for many people trying to find the truth, but because of the Restoration we know the truth and don't have to be fustrated. It was a pretty fun, take what we have and run with it moment.
Inline image 3
Say hello to the Hamburger Fruit. It's a special type of Breadfruit. It's ridiculiously, oddly, delicious. It tastes like a McDonald's cheeseburger. No lie. I'm dead serious. I can't eat it all the time, I just think of McDonalds, but when you're craving a burger, this is the fruit for you.
Oh. Advice for people coming to Tahiti. You need a converter for the outlets. Buy a good one. Mine burst into flames. Literally. I've been conserving my camera battery, so.. That's why there aren't very many pictures this week. :)
Well, I'm off! Love you! Have a fantastic week!
Sœur Taylor

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