Monday, September 9, 2013

Weeeee Thank Theeeee O Cannnddbbury For Choooocolate!

to me
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(My camera is bomb! It's a tiny puffball) 

Ia Orana a la monde! 

This week in paradise has been hands down the strangest week of my life. I have  no where I can possibly begin. Well start with something pretty amazing. 

It's purple on the outside, silver on the inside, and you can eat it! What is it? Only the most delicious chocolate in the world. Hello Cadbury. Why have you only been in my life in the form of Easter goodness? I was introducted to Cadbury this week. Dang it's delicious. There's nothing better than having a delicious square of deliciousness right before bed. (How many times can I say delicious in one paragraph? Challenge accepted.) Really though. It's delicious. 

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(ugliest dog in the world award)

One thing I'm thankful for? Green Slime. Yes. I did just say Green Slim. It's a handy dandy way to patch flat tires... which are the bane of existance for missionaries. Dear Pops, you saved my life with this stuff. And Dad, for all times I watched you figure out where the hole in a tire is. Soeur Li and I tried to patch  it, but that was a failure. So I sneakily (that's a word in my mind) threw in some of the green stuff and my bike has never been better. I just don't want to share the precious stuff with every missionary who has a flat tire.... call me greedy.... 

So this week I was transferred. I'm now serving in Orofero with Soeur Rima. She's great. She's from Raitea and is almost done with her mission. She heads home in December. Orofero is nothing like Maraa, but its literally the sector next to Maraa. We  still go to the same chapel and everything. There is a ton of poverty here. Much more than I've seen before on my mission. I'm glad I'm able to do something and not just sit back and watch. That's the blessing of the Gospel. It's for everyone, and everyone pitches in to help share it, 

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(family home evening. They had to blance 15 nails on top of one) 
I had the most terrible, strange lesson in the world this week.  It all started with Otako. He's the little boy from the pictures last week.. He was playing soccer with his friends, when he stopped to have the lesson. He sat down, and I'm like, Otako! Tu peut inviter tes amis! So he yelled, and invited all the little boys to come listen, and they did. Picture this: we're sitting outside, on rocks and buckets and rickety wooden benches, we have a plyboard table we're all sitting around, and there' a dog sitting under the table.  We start going, we're having a great discussion one who is Jesus Christ and then we asked each kid if they want to be baptised, they all say yes. I'm thinking to myself. Yes! Now we can go teach their families, we were about ready to ask if we could go talk to their parents when.... the dog gave birth.  No joke. I don't even know how to explain how odd and terrible that moment in my life was. The thing is, I knew. I just refused to say anything. This lesson was super important and I needed the attention to be on the Spirit, not the dumb dog. Until Soeur Rima realized what was going on.... Goodbye attention. :)  There wen't the spirit, that was for sure. We quickly ended the lesson, went on our way and left the boys to watch. Ugh. That was a moment where I sat and thought, "wait, this is my life? this isn't some strange missionary movie"

We had another lesson that went very well. We started to teach a new investigator who also accepts the lessons from the Jehova witnesses, That was a fun lesson.  One is the mother of a member, the other is a transvestite inactive member. (he/she was baptised when she/he was 12 and never went back)  The funny thing is, they believe everyting we believe. They just don't have the knowlege of the restoration and the commandements. They are so spiritually ready it's crazy, but it's going to be a matter of being able to teach them instead of answering questions that will get us nowhere. Such as: Did Christ have a wife.. Ugh. Not in the Bible, we don't know. Yes the TV may have said something. No, we don't know. Continue this for a good 10 minutes, while we try to change the subject. I'm quite excited for the next lesson. :) 

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(BAM! 33 nails, it's possible, we've got skill) 

Last crazy story of the week.  A new sister joined our District this week. Her name is Soeur Weller and she's from... wait for it... Kamas Utah! Boom. Small world. She's great, She finishes in Novemeber or December, so she already knows all the secrets of being a missionay, it's going to be great to learn from her. 

Until next week!

Soeur Taylor

p.s. All I want for Christmas is .5 G2 black pens. Buckets and buckets full. #firstworldproblems

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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