Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sea Urchin for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Cold and Hot:)

Ia Orana from the lovely tropical storm (not really, it's just my first big rain storm) in Tahiti! Don't worry. I'm alive, and miraciously, the internet is working. Whooo!.
What is this? Is this a Sunset? Why yes, yes it is. What does that mean?
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I decided I'm just keeping my suitcases packed at all times. And the new transfer is in 2 weeks. :) Who knows where I'm going to be heading? Not me... Not yet.
Aside from the crazy back and forth between sectors this week it's been a good week. In Orofero, we had crazy miracles again. The first week I was there we had no baptisms fixed and a handful of investigators... I don't know how it happened (hence the miracle) but the day before I left we had 12 lessons scheduled for one day. I love Orofero. Love. Love. Love. It's not about how many investigators you have, it's not about numbers at all. I don't care about numbers at all. It's the people. When you start from scratch and Watch people change and grow, that's the best part of a mission. The new investigators really want to learn, and that's something I love and appreciate so much.
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(Orofero, imagine Oakley, Utah just tropical. :) )
This week has been a week of crafty things. I learned how to make nets. Yep. Fishing nets, call me Tahitian. Then a cool little thing to put the fish it. It floats and lets the water in so the fish can be chillin in there alive, but they can't escape. I made one. But it was too big to fit in my suitcase so.. I gave it to a member. :) And then I became the master coconut husk trinket maker on the planet. I made a keychain this morning. An inactive member taught me, and she made me this ring. Yes. It's legit. I'm making one right now. :)
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MMM. I ate vana. In English that's sea urchin. It was... not good. :) I had the most delicious fish on the planet the other night. I'd be happy to eat that everyday. I could live off poisson cru and swordfish and guava and bananas. I'd die happy like that.  Speaking of food. I've noticed 3 things about Tahiti this week, that I noticed for the first time:
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One: You can live in Tahiti without working. There's trees everywhere with fruit and the fish swim right up to the beach. Oh, and the baguettes are only 50 cents. Yep.
Two: There's only one paved road. Well, I've only seen one paved road in Mara'a. It never hit me before that all the roads I go on aren't paved...
Three: There aren't worms here. Normally when it rains (in Utah) the sidewalks and roads are covered in worms. I haven't seen any here. At all. Just poisionous centipedes.
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I saw another centipede at our house this week. I tried to kill it, but Sœur Li wasn't very happy with me. She wanted to catch it. Ha. There was no way that was going to happen, and I didn't want to get bitten when I run in the morning. So I stomped on it, then cut off it's head. You know, just a normal day in Tahiti.
I'm trying to think of anything else I missed. I'm doing well, I'm super excited for the next transfer in 2 weeks! There's a rumour (oh rumours rumours...) That a new island is opening for the sisters. That's much needed, and I want to go. :) So. If you are looking for anything to pray for......... ;)
Have a good week! Love you all!
Sœur Taylor

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