Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello week....I can't remeber!

Hello week... I can't remember!
This has been a crazy week. Sœur Li has had quite a few meetings because she's the Sister Training Leader, so Sœur Avae and I have been tearing up our lovely little sector. I'm fairly certain we did Porte a Porte in every neighborhood of Maraa. We might have missed a few, but it went very, very well. We found some new investigators, made some new friends, and found a few people we'll see if they want to listen to the lessons. :)
We had a pretty cool experience this week.  We were eating lunch with the Young Women's President and asking her if there were any inactive Young women we could visit, or girls who's family aren't members, ect. Well, her "son-in-law"  walked into the Kitchen and I asked if he was a member. Nope! She walked up to him and asked him if he wanted to have a lesson, he said why not. We taught him a little about the organization of the Church and why were missionaries, ect. And he had a lot of questions and he talked a lot, that was so nice, I love it when investigators talk back. :) He decided to invite us back again next week.  Which is so nice! I said "son in law" because he's not married. His girlfriend is a member who's inactive, and she also agreed to listen to our lessons.
This weekend I've been working in the sector of Orofero. ONe of the sisters is too sick to work, so I've been filling it. It's been interesting. We did however, manage to fix a date for a baptism for one of their investigators. That was pretty nice. He's 10 and boy does he a have a million questions. To him baptism is just logical and he just wanted to pick a day. Oh, if only all of the people we talked to were like children...
Well, I'm off, back to Orofero for a couple of days. I'm sad to leave my investigators, but I'm excited to meet some new people and help them out.
Until next week!
Sœur Taylor

to me
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Sunset of the week
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Fruit of the week. Just chillin on the side of the road.
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We did about 6 hours of Porte a Porte this week. :) Here.
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My camera was stolen. And I have a ton of pictures of her. :)
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OH. We ate lobster. You know. They just caught it that morning. :)
Inline image 7
Lesson! This is in the Sector of Orofero were I'll be serving for a few days while a sister whose sick gets better. He's getting baptised October 10th. :)
Love you all!!
Sœur Taylor
Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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