Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm Still obsessed with Miracles

Meet my Rollercoaster Week.
We lost a lot of investigators this week. They just weren't ready. Normally I'd stress over it, but I've decided, "Hey, I've done all I've could, they're just not ready." And I didn't stress. What did we do? We got to work, and holy cow we've seen miracles.
**INSERT PICTURE HERE; yep I did it again, I forgot to lower the setting on the camera... but the shells look really cool. Take my word for it.**
It's been the Torka (we're guessing on the spelling here people) harvest. They're giant snails in pink and white sea shells. They taste gross. But it's been pretty cool to see the shells. They harvest them because that's how buttons are made! The pretty shiny silvery kind of sea shell buttons? Yep, they're actually giant snail shells. :)
CHRISTMAS IS COMING SOON! I'm so excited. Anywho, for those who were wondering what I want/need: LETTERS! I HEART MAIL! And also .5 G2 pens. I'm down to my last one. I can't write in my journal with an unworthy pen. Also, Polaroid film! The Fujifilm Instax mini. :) But mostly all I want are letters. :) Thanks.You're the best.
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This is Mamie Wong. I love her to death. She's 80 years old and tells us every lesson she wished she would have had the gospel sooner. Her husband died in February, he was the one that started taking the lessons, and now all she wants to do is get sealed to him in the temple. I'm going to miss her so much when I get transferred.
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Hello to miracle number one. We've been praying to find a new family to teach. It's easier for the families to progress and learn,
because you're doing everything together. And we found them. We asked everyone one of them if they wanted to be baptised the second lesson, and every single person said yes. We're going to fix a date this week. Holy cow, they are a miracle.
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Tuterai. He's a mess. I've never laughed more in lessons in my life than I have with him. Every time. Last week, we tried really hard to explain the Resurrection to him. So, I used the kitten as an example. I told him when the kitten died his body was going to stay here and his spirit was going to go to the Spirit world, then after the spirit and body will go back together and it can live again. I probably shouldn't have used the kitten as an example... When we asked him what The Resurrection was, what did he say? "Ummmm... Un Chatton?" Nope... It's not a kitten. Soeur Moli and I just burst out laughing with him. I love him. He wants to get baptised in December, we're just waiting for his parents to sign the authorization....
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We have 26 investigators come to our Open House this week! Woo! We taught about the Plan of Salvation, The Family: A Proclamation to the World, and the Temples. It was so good. And our Plan of Salvation was too pretty to erase.... :)
My little, huge miracle.
3 weeks ago I realized I lost one of my memory cards. It didn't have very many pictures on it, but the pictures that were on it were super important. It had all my last days in the MTC and the first day in Tahiti. (Kind of a big deal) I tore my suitcases apart, I tore the bedroom apart, and then I put it all back together. Nothing. Then I prayed. Nothing again. I've been just sick for the last 2 weeks thinking about where in the world my card could be. And of course, I said a little prayer everyday, hoping I could find it.  Last night I was thinking a lot about miracles and prayer, and I showed Soeur Moli a story in the Ensign from June about prayer. Fast forward to this morning. I was sweeping one of the bedrooms when I looked down and right in the middle of the floor was a memory card. It was not there last night. My first thought is it was Soeur Moli's. Then I realized it was my missing memory card. I have no idea how it got there. There's no way to explain that, at all. But I am so thankful I had that tender mercy today. God really does answer our prayers, even for the little things.
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We have a new investigator this week. I think he's one of my favorites (nope, I don't have favorites.) Why? Because I have no idea how to teach him. His name is Yorik. And He knows everything in the bible. And believes none of it. He refuses to believe in God. How in the world are we teaching him you may wonder. Well, let me tell you. Yorik is homeless. Our DMP met him one day on the beach. He hadn't eaten for a few days and was trying to find a job. What did DMP do? He called us. And we taught him a lesson. (Come on, we'll feed him spiritually.) Then DMP told him if he ever needed anything he should go to DMP's house. The next week we saw Yorik outside the grocery store asking people for money. I walked up and started talking to him, and then asked him if he'd talked to DMP. He said no. So we gave him some food, and then said if he needed anything again he needed to go find DMP. Flash forward to this week. Yorik is living with DMP's family. DMP told us he and his wife have been praying for a new person to teach to show up on their doorstep. Well, be careful what you pray for, don't be too literal. :) It's awesome. Yorik is so grateful and extremely humble. He's come to our open house, church, the missionary training institute class, and a fireside (all in 2 days). And last night he told me he's starting to believe.
DMP's family is incredible. I can't believe how kind they are. And man, are they changing this young man's life. I love the article in the Liahona from October. The best way to do missionary work is to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. And you do that by how you act. They are really disciples of Christ. I'm thankful I'm able to serve with them. I'm thankful I'm able to be here, serving.
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Have a lovely week! Think of me! Let's candy until we puke this Thursday! Count our blessings! And Starting November 1st BLAST THAT CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!
Love, Love, Love,
Soeur Taylor

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