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I'm a Piano Teacher, Personal Trainer, a Missionary and I Am a Mormon

I'm a pastry chef, piano teacher, make up artist, personal trainer, and I'm a Mormon.
Oh, and I was NONE of these things before my mission.
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The things you do for people you love... Like, making wedding cakes, teaching piano lessons, face painting 15 kids for Halloween, and helping your 15 year old neighbor get in shape every morning (I promise he's 15). Um. I am so NOT qualified to be doing any of those things, but hey, "ASK THE MISSIONARIES, THEY CAN HELP YOU." With everything.  Take that literally world, I'm here to serve. As long as I get some of that wedding cake I make you.
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This week was awesome. My favorite holiday is Halloween. Because I love horror movies. But. That doesn't really mesh well with the mission, the most horror I've seen in 6 months is 17 Miracles (which is so good, we watch it every week; because it's the only movie we own, but it's so good!) This Halloween was the best Halloween ever thought. We were invited to two HUGE parties. They were both at member's homes, but anyone was invited to come, so we met a ton of new potential investigators. :)
On of the parties was at the dock. I know I talk a lot about they dock, but hey, they're my Tahitian family. At this party they had a bunch of stations with games to play. One of the stations required the kids to run into the ocean and try to catch the hanging prizes over the water. Well, we had to pause that game because there were sting rays in their path! Only in Tahiti... It was so good, we didn't get a very good picture though... Next time.
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The ocean here is crazy. This lovely photo was taken right from the edge of the dock. It's a literal aquarium down there. :)
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This week Soeur Moli and I caught crab to eat later this month.
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This is also the cutest child ever. Her name is Juanita. She's the granddaughter of my Tahitian mother, Vero. (At the dock, where else of course?)
We met a man this week named OtiOti (which means finishfinish). 
Which is a problem for me. He doesn't speak french. He speaks English. And my English... is ridiculously awful. Thankfully Soeur Moli can still teach in English for us. Hello grammar out the window. (It takes a lot of effort to write these lovely emails in English....) Anyway, he has done an incredible amount of his family history. He's travelled to New Zealand, Australia, and all the outer islands gathering what he can on his family. So, naturally we were going to explain that he needs to do more than look has those names. We started talking about the Restoration of the authority a faire le bapteme pour le mort. (I can't speak English...)  Well. Then he throws out that his great great grandpa was the God Rangiroa (guessing on the spelling again...) and his ancestors are all demi-gods. Well. What do we do with that one? At that moment his wife came out of the house and literally chased us away. So. Next week we'll explain there's only one God, and there's only one literal child of that God...
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How is my companion? Um. Incredible. Soeur Moli is so, so good. We're having so much fun, and we're teaching a crazy amount of lessons during the week and talking to more new people than I've ever done before. I can't explain how important it is to be obedient to ALL the rules of the mission. Even the little ones that don't seem that important. When you do that, miracles start to happen.
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It's also so important just to talk and have fun. That's how you become friends, and I firmly believe if you're friends with your companion and you want to help her/him do better, that's when you're going to find success.
Why? Because we do everything because of Love. We love the work we're doing. We love helping everyone we meet, and we always want to do more. This gospel is centered on love and the family. One of the first things God created was the mariage de Adam et Eve, and he gave them the first commandment to have a family. It's centered on progression. That's what the Plan of Salvation IS. The progression of our life. And we do all of that within our families, because we love them, and because we have a loving God.
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Granted, Soeur Moli and I are thousands of miles away from our families, but we're trying to help the families of Tahiti make it to the temple. We don't teach to baptise people. We teach because we truly love each investigator, and we want to help them live with their families after this life. We don't want anyone left out.
No Soul Left Behind.
(Hehe, see what we did there? We decided that was our new slogan. Thank you US Department of Education.)
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But really. That why we're here. That's why we're members. That's why missionary work is a commandment. Nobody gets left behind. (No toy gets left behind!... name that movie!)
I love you all. We all have people that are looking up to us, so spread the love.
Soeur Taylor

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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