Monday, November 25, 2013

That One Place Called....The Elusive McDonalds

It's never good to wake up and find tons of very poisonous baby centipeds (Wow, I can't spell anymore...) all over your kitchen floor. In Tahiti, we don't have snakes, we don't have large sister missionary eating cats, we have super poisonous centipeds. And they're chillin in our house. *sigh*
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This week was stressful, in a lovely way. Sœur Moli and our Ward Mission Leader planned an activity this week for our new converts, investigators, and inactive members. What was the activity? Well. We rented a bus, and we were going en ville to the temple! So everyone could go walk around and see it. We were hoping to get 20 people to come. That was our goal, we spent all week inviting people, then all friday night and saturday morning reminding everyone. As we pulled up to the parking lot Saturday morning, we saw the bus and about 6 people. Wow, I was pretty devestated. We had prayed and fasted to have a big turn out.
Little did I know, there were more people Inside.
How many more? Well....
We had over 95 people at the temple.
Over 35 investigators.
And no, our bus wasn't big enough. All the members who had cars squeezed people in, it was a miracle we all got there. I can't believe we had that many people come. I was so grateful. We had worked so hard, and to see that work pay off, wow. I love it.
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We also have two baptisms this week. Tuterai! His parents told us last week they're going to let him get baptised. Sœur Moli and I had a party when we heard that. He's been working so hard, and he is so excited for Saturday. We also have one more investigator. He's been waiting for his girlfriend to marry him, but she won't. So... They broke up, she's moving out, and he's getting baptised Saturday too! It's been a week of miracles.
Oh, and my big little miracle of the week. So, I have a really hard time with the food here sometimes. I have these days where I just can't eat any more chicken and rice... I had one of those days this week. And I said a prayer. And I asked for a bit of mercy, and to be able to eat lentille that night without chicken... I know! It's such a dumb thing to ask for, but I needed it. We taught our lesson, and when our investigator brought out dinner what was it? Lentille with corned beef. #miracle I was EXTREMELY grateful right then.  So was my stomach.
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Sœur Moli and I are great. We have joint-custody with the Elders of two of the cutest little boys in the world. Ryan and Mattias. I told Elder Cannon yesterday we want to file for full custody.. but he wasn't too keen on that idea. Why joint-custody? Because they live in Maraa the weekdays, and the other secteur the weekends. But. They're getting baptised this Satuday too!
Mami Wong got baptised this Saturday! We were at the temple so we didn't get to go.. but she got baptised! I'm so excited to see the pictures. I'll show y'all when I get them. :) 
We're doing good! We're loving it, and we're making the last month count! Christmas is almost here! Noel is almost here! (French.... :) )
Oh. I had my first Big Mac ever this week. Our ward missionaries love us. They brought us real, live McDonalds. Soeur Moli was shocked I'd never eaten a big mac before.... AH! I've never liked McDonalds but now... mana from heaven.... *drool*
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 We love you! Have a happy Thanksgiving! I think we're going to try to find some McDonalds again.... Maybe it'll be ramen. Who know! Fafaroo?
Sœur Taylor

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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