Monday, November 18, 2013

Sometimes All the Pictures are of the Sunset

Bonjour a le monde!
This week flew by. It's crazy how time is moving here. Sœur Moli and I have been together for one transfer. One down, one to go. We're going to be able to spend Christmas here in Maraa. The next group of missionaries are going to be coming the 30th of December. We heard there's 17, with 11 sisters coming in. I'm hoping to be sent to an island, or train again... We'll see in a few weeks what's going to happen!
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We met the meanest lady in all of Polynésie Français. Wow. So, we have a "baptism" this week for the nicest couple (Jacques and Marquerite). They live in a shack up on the mountain, with a HUGE garden. They grow their own vegetables and sell them, and they always give us some when we go visit them.  Anyway, the land is owned by their grandma. Who is HUGE into the protestant Church. This week she told the couple if they get baptised they can't live on the land anymore. And... they have no where else to go. So we went and talked to their grandma. She said no. So we're going back this week. And we'll go back until she says yes.
It's also been the week of "Marry off Sœur Taylor." For some odd reason... Everyone has been trying to get me to marry someone in their family this week.... Nope. Can't. And... I'm not interested.
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My stomach is iron. Before my mission, I couldn't eat sea food without gagging. At the beginning of my mission, I couldn't eat sea food without gagging. What did I eat this week? Imagine with me.. You have delicious batter. You scoop a large handful of live, baby fish. You put that handful into the batter, and then you fry the batter just a little bit. Then. You eat it. The worst is when the fish were sticking out after you took a bit... And. It was delicious. (I just had to demonstrate what I'm talking about. Enjoy the journal pictures.)
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The most interesting quote of the week. It came from a 88 year old lady, and it sounds better in Tahitian, but, "Don't give the Bible to the cockroaches! You have to use it."  She was talking about how most people have a bible, but they never read it, they just let it get dusty in the corner. That was a pretty fun conversation. We teach a lot of old ladies... They're funny.
Speaking of Mamis... Mami Wong is getting baptised this weekend!! It's been a long time coming. I've taught her since July, the only slight problem is, she's not getting baptised into our ward. So, we don't know if we're going to be able to go to her baptism! Hopefully. Hopefully. I love that lady to death. :)  
What did I learn this week? Well. I can only do my best. And always take members to your lessons.
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We taught a témoigne Jéhovah investigator this week. The last lesson was AWESOME. He was open, he was Learning, and this week that drastically changed.  He had talked to some of the leaders of his Church, and told him some very crazy, anti-mormon stories. He gave us no time to explain, he was just ranting and yelling for 45 minutes. I just stopped him and told him he wasn't open to our message, and he has to ask God if the things he's heard are true or not. It's as simple as that. When I said that he had this crazy look in his eyes, and started yelling at us. Thankfully, our members stopped him and told him to chill out.
I tried to help him. But he has his free agency. I can only do my part, he has to do the rest.
I was so sad after that lesson. Why is it so hard just to ask God so you can know for yourself? I will never take anyone's word for anything, especially the important things like our salvation (yeah, it's slightly a big deal.) Why not pray and ask if it's real? Why not?
That's what we teach. Find out for yourself. Don't take our word for it, because we're imperfect. We have our own testimony. We KNOW this is the true Church. But you have to ask God so you can KNOW also.  
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Ua ite au e ekalesia mau i teie ekalesia. E peropheta mau O Iosepha Semita. No te aha? Mai te mea ua pure au e ua farii au i te pahonoraa no te Atua. E mea haamaruru no i teie taime ua rave to'u misioni e ia parau no i te mau tamarii o te Atua na roto  i te fenua i Tahiti. Ua here au ia outou!!
Have a good week!
Sœur Taylor

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Soeur Taylor, Morgan
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti
French Polynesia.

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