Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Awkward Wednesday

Hello Hump Day!: 

Aardvarks are ugly... Really though, we always talk about them, they're the animal that have two letter "a" in their name, but how many of you have actually seen one? NO. Arthur does not count.

The moment when Josh (who is home on medical leave) is writing about being in the MTC and I steal his laptop and write this lovely intro: 
                The giant multi-colored galactic blimp was hovering over the Provo area. Who would have thought that it was only dropping the MTC’s newest missionary- Elder *click* **beep* *rawr*

When my beloved triangle of corn fell into the deep gooey depths of the queso jar, requiring skilled, nimble fingers to willingly be subjected to the fake cheese, in order for the triangle to be saved. #firstworldproblems

When I hashtag sentences in real life. Just to be annoying. 

Sometimes I coach debate, and sometimes I'm supposed to be a coach at the state tournament, and sometimes... they leave me. 

At my place of employment, where I spend 83% of my time (yes, I calculated it), I cut the entire bottom of a shake off resulting in a runny creamy mess all over the floor, my shoes, my shirt, and everywhere else. Except the cup. #evenfirstworldproblems

Having your mother post on Facebook about having a baby come to our house, specifically stating it's my cousin, and having people comment on how it's good it's not a grandchild. Really? Come on, missionary here!! There ain't no way a stork is going to drop off a baby for me, there's not even a stork nest in my backyard yet. #evenmorefirstworldproblems

Looking up pictures of Sloths with moustaches. (yes, spelled m-o-u-s-t-a-c-h-e-s) because of Lilly and Kjersti. Yes. Sloths. And kittens. Aardvarks. Giraffes. Owls.  But really, even the animals want to be hipsters.

Josh saying to me: No food for 50 days #livingthethirdworldlifestyle

Sitting down to listen to a fantastic playlist on Grooveshark, inserting the pink earbud into one ear, selecting the play button, and having nothing at all come out. Proceeding to freak out that your computer is broken. Realizing... You should probably plug the headphones in....

I'm awkward. 


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