Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sister Missionary Feature- Sister Jessie Wengert

Sister Jessie Wengert
England Birmingham Mission
March 2013- September 2014 

The age change affected me by just a few months, I turn 21 In may and put my papers in about 3 months earlier. But it was a shocker when it happened! Best day ever- I called my Bishop 5 hours after Conference to set up an appointment to start my papers!

I wasn't planning on serving a mission until last summer when I was an efy counselor and it was absolutely life changing. I was just waiting till I could put in my papers and then the age change came! (thank goodness)
I learned that I LOVE this gospel and that I love sharing it with others. Seeing progress and watching it click in their heads as it all makes sense, makes it so worth it, and that is what I say daily as an efy counselor. I know I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing- and it feels so right and so great! I want to be that beat up used instrument in the Lord's hands- his go to instrument!

I thought I wanted to go to go somewhere foreign speaking Spanish, or maybe Africa! That was until I opened up my call and Knew that England was perfect for me! Birmingham, England Speaking England- the last place I would go really! haha I was very suprised, but after thinking at first I was going to Birmingham Alabama, which I was stoked about! haha I knew that England was perfect! 

I am serving a mission because I want to join in and share this amazing gospel of happiness with others that I love. The gospel is what makes me happy and I want to allow others to be happy! I want to give everything I have towards the Lord and I know I will be blessed for it! I am going to be a representative of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel and I could not be more happy! I love this gospel and that is why I am serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! 

My advice is to start preparing early and go to the temple early so you can go many times before you leave on your mission. Get ready to work hard- know that it is going to difficult at times, but you can do hard things through the help of our savior. and Most importantly I think is to Love the people! Be proud to be a sister Missionary! 

Sister Jessie Wengert!

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