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Sister Missionary Feature- Sister Baer

Sister Monica Baer
Utica, New York
May 29, 2013

The age change affected me because I realized that now was the time to serve. I knew that because I could serve at this age, I needed to think about it and everything else that could happen in that year and a half. But knowing that I was supposed to serve, swept all those feelings of doubt and fear away. It took me a month after conference to decide fully that I was going to serve.
Um, I did always want to serve. I just didn't know if that would be a mission, or humanitarian, or peace corps, etc. I knew serving was important, but I wasn't sure how to serve was right for me. I spent a month in Ecuador serving in an Orphanage, and I think I realized then that while it was a good experience, it wasn't the service I was supposed to be doing.
On February 5th, 2013 I opened my mission call. I have been called to serve in Utica, New York leaving on May 29th. I wasn't necessarily surprised, I just knew it was right as soon as I saw Utica, New York. I know I am supposed to go there, for the purpose of serving a mission and bringing others to Christ.
I had the experience of having a non-member who was actually anti-mormon email me and um kind of tell me that I needed to figure out my religions origin before I proclaimed it to be the only truth. I was shocked. I had never had anyone tell me that what I believed in was wrong. I didn't know how to handle it. I decided all I could do was bare my testimony, just let him know what I believed. I did so, and he didn't question it again. It was amazing to be reassured that the Gospel truly does carry that power.

I am serving, because I know the gospel is true. I know what it can bring to lives. I know my Savior lives. I truly know that. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us, and wants us to be happy. That's why I am serving, because I am happy and I want others to have the knowledge and reassurance that I have that makes me happy. I want others to be happy, that is why I am going.
My advice for other sisters or girls who are still deciding is basically what I told another sister who was becoming discouraged and thought she couldn't do it anymore. I told her,
"I know, I worry about that too, but I found a quote that helped me a lot, "God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called." You are prepared to go and serve. Feeling like you aren't is Satan trying to get you to doubt yourself. Well, DON'T do it. You know you can do this. Yes, it will be hard, but life isn't meant to be easy. The atonement wasn't easy for the savior. Believe in yourself, obviously the Savior believes in you, and so do all your family and friends. I honestly believe that there is no better way to prepare to serve than by serving every day. Show others by example, discussion, and being you that the gospel is true. Be a light in the darkness, because God knows that you can do it, and so do I. You have a huge support system behind you. Don't believe me? Look around you, your family, friends, Heavenly Father, Jesus, The Holy Ghost, Prophets, leaders, and the 4,000+ sisters who will be serving by your side. We all are here for you, and you know you can do it. You are a daughter of God and as such you are given the Errand of Angels, you have been prepared by Heavenly Father to teach the people of your mission, whether at home or abroad and to bring them to Christ. You have already begun your mission, and it will never end. Spiritual growth is part of the package that you are being entrusted with. Spiritual growth can never get to a point where you have prepared enough, if that were so, life would not be the test it is meant to be. Believe in yourself and you will go far. We believe in you, love you, and stand by you Sister __________.
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