Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Awkward Moment When...

You're sharing french fries and there's one left, but both of the people sharing are too generous to eat the last fry so it just.... sits there.... awkwardly. Then it gets cold, and slimy, and the poor fried potato is sitting there alone without it's potato friends. Awkward. 

Oh come on! You have had that happen to you. And we've all had the moment of, um, is that a boy or a girl... Maybe you asked a very nice, larger lady when her baby was due, instead of a chipper "August!" she breaks down into tears, grabs a chocolate bar, and becomes a cat lady. She's not pregnant. Awkward... 

Welcome to Mo's awkward Wednesday. I'll delight you with my random awkward adventures. Yeah yeah yeah, why Wednesday? Let me tell you. 

Wednesday is the most awkward day of the week. It's just stuck in the middle of everything, and besides poor Monday, EVERYBODY HATES WEDNESDAY. You're in the middle of the work week, you're trapped, and besides, it's called "Hump Day" you can't get much more awkward than that. So, I dedicate Wednesday to Awkward Adventure Day. 

You're belting Sir Bieber to the top of your lungs, along with dancing a spiffy dance at work and someone walks in. So much for being alone...

Whilst driving your lovely, high powered, incredibly sexy '94 Ford Escort (christened "The Stray") your nutritious lunch of granola goes flying all over the passenger seat and floor. *sigh* so much for lunch. 

You enjoy eating granola for lunch. Every. Single. Day.

As you're logging off your baby laptop you realize you've logged in 4 straight hours on your French learning program. You've spent more time at work doing French than actually working. 

Les ours mangent mes citrons. (The bears are eating my lemons.)

The french I know won't be very helpful... There aren't any bears in Tahiti.

On a cold, blistery Tuesday night, you realized the only sweatshirt you have has a lovely BYU logo stamped across the front. Too bad you're walking around USU's campus.

And if wearing the despicable "Y" across your chest on campus isn't enough, every single person within a 10 foot radius has to comment on it. Yes. I know I'm not in Provo. Shanks.  

THEN, you survive campus and head into Wally-word to get a fabulous scented mini-tree for your newly cleaned car, only to have the nice grandma at the register tell you your sweatshirt sucks... Thanks grandma.

You sell a nice couple large milkshakes, they sit down for a bit, then walk to their car. After cleaning up spilled Kit-Kat, peanuts, and ice cream you sit down with your baby laptop. As you begin to day dream and stare out the window, oblivious to your surroundings, you realize the couple's car is still there. And they're making out. And it looks like you've been staring at them. And they start staring at you. 

I'm awkward. 


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