Monday, September 8, 2014

Love. The most important thing we need in our lives.

Love.  The most important thing we need in our lives.
I'll start off this email with a nice story. 
A young missionary was standing outside of the temple visitor's center trying to find someone to teach.  "Hi! Would you like to learn what that building is?" This was going on to no avail.  She kept trying though.  She ran through her little speech to a man who just said, "Soeur Taylor, I'm a member.  I have a friend you should come meet."
Um. Okay?
The missionary walks over to an older man who was standing off in the distance.  He looks at her, places his right hand on her left shoulder, and says, "Morgan?"
Confused because the strange man knew her first name the missionary says, "Yes, I'm Morgan."
The man says one sentence that she would have never expected to come out of this grandpa's mouth. 
"Morgan, I am the man who hit you with my car."
End story here.  Not really.
I met the man who hit me this week.  After the most awkward first sentence ever, he just started bawling and sobbing.  Michael kept asking me over and over again for forgiveness.  I just sat there and said,
"I have never been upset with you.  I am not mad at what happened.  Michael, I forgave you a long time ago.  I still forgive you today.  Please, forgive yourself."
I repeated that a few times just to make sure he got the point.
I love him.  I really, truly, love him. 
I totally broke missionary rules and I gave him a huge hug.  He needed it, I needed it.  He invited me to go to dinner with him.  But, because he doesn't live in my area he agreed to take the missionary lessons. 
If I needed to be hit by a car so he may be able to live with his family forever then so be it.  I would go through this experience over again.  I would do everything exactly the same. Exactly the same.
I love Michael.  I love the man who hit me with his car.
On to the week.
I am exhausted.  I have a new companion!! We are both super white and blonde.  Basically we stick out like sore thumbs.  Sometimes that is good though.
I have been painting the visitor's center.  I've been working on a ton of flowers and a waterfall.  I'm pretty excited about it, I love painting. This is Soeur Lawler.  I love her to death!!  Seriously, we are the same person.  We're painting buddies.

There is a problem...  I bought a pareo because I forgot mine at home, but I love it way too much.  I cannot wear it.  Why not? Because I want to turn it into a blanket when I come back home. 
This week I had a heart attack.  My wallet was missing.  I was dying.  The last thing I needed was to lose my cash, drivers license, and debit card....  So I threw EVERYTHING out of my closet, purse, and car.  No.  Not there.  I started crying a bit. How would I get a new drivers license??  I do not want to have to wait until  the bank can send me a new card to not worry about buying food if my wallet gets lost/stolen again.  Oh yes, I wouldn't have a wallet it's gone! 
So, I prayed.
I went back to my car to put my water bottle in there. Randomly I opened our box of Book of Mormons and... My wallet was sitting right there.  How in the world did that happen?? Oh yeah, miracles.  Miracles exist.  Even the small things. The small things are the miracles. 
Oh yeah, this is the car that hit me after it hit me. The windshield is intact.  But you can see on the corner the dent where my head destroyed the car....
Mothers Note:  It kind of shocked me when I saw this photo.  It was and is difficult.  I even thought about not putting it on Morgan's blog.  Morgan was handed a lot this week pertaining to the accident.  I sent her a email and asked her if she is doing ok with all of it and her response was that she was totally ok with it and can not change anything.  It is what was handed to her so you get through it and continue on. 
Here are some other photos Morgan sent this week!!
Morgan was also able to visit Maraa.  That was the area she was in for five months when she was hit.  I think you can see how excited they were, as well as Morgan to see each other. 
Morgan with Tuterai.  She loves this boy!  The photo above was the day he was baptized almost one year ago.  The photo above is when she went to Maraa to visit.  She has talked about Tuterai a lot the last 8 months!  I know she will love him forever!!
Morgan adores this family!  She was looking forward to their wedding and baptism last Christmas.  Unfortunately she was unable to attend but Troy and I were able to attend their wedding in place of Morgan with Soeur Moli.   I am so glad she was able to reunite with them. 
This is Olia.  Morgan loves her to death she says!  She started to cry when she saw Morgan.  These are friendships that will last forever!
The goofy kid is my best friend ever!!  She said he'd run to Papeete for me just so we can exercise together.  That is true love right there.


Morgan 1year ago with Viritahi
He lived across the road from Morgan and Soeur Moli and they would get him up every morning to go running with them.  Troy and I were able to meet him.  What a awesome kid he is!

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