Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 1 - Part 2....Iaorana!! I am offically back in Tahiti!!


I am officially back in Tahiti. It's crazy to think I'm finally actually here.  
How am I doing? I'm doing well.  It has been an insane weekend. 

This Sunday I spoke in two different wards and gave a fireside to a new stake.  It was so fun.  I made a lot of people cry, I don't like making people cry, but it's all for a good reason.  

We went on a Sondage, that' basically where you go and talk to every. single. person. and ask them a bunch of questions.  I was just thrown around everywhere because each time a person said "No" to the question: Do you believe in Miracles? The missionaries had me tell my story.  It made people cry. We've pulled in a ton of investigators from that thank goodness.  So I decided something. If I could go back and change anything about the day I was hit, what would I do?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing.  

The blessings that have come out of this experience are worth so much more than being a "normal" missionary.  

I am companions with Soeur Manarani.  Actually, we will only be companion until next Monday.  That is when the transfer is so I will be the Senior companion.  Yes.  Senior companion in one week. 

I stole the Elder's car. 

Yes, I have a car.  Air conditioning is extremely welcoming in my life.  It's nice and not nice to be in a car...  I wish I could do some more physical exercise  but President won't let me be on a bike. Come on! I'm not going to get hit by a car twice! It's all good.  I need to car to get to firesides anyways.  

Doc and Soeur Warner say Hello and Thank you.  They are actually kidnapping me this coming Sunday and driving me to Maraa and to go the hospital and see the doctors and nurses who helped me.  Soeur Warner was at the hospital and was talking with someone who helped me and told them I was coming back.  The response from him (I think it was Dr. Mole) was "Really? We thought she was going to die." 
Nope. Not dead. 

I have seen so many people this week it's crazy.  I have seen Elder Hansen, Ball, Lovelock, and Tago.  I also got to chill with Soeur Hansen.  Yeah... Soeur Urling and I have been partying it up big time.  We've been together twice.  Like, we went to the pearl market today en Ville just so I could see what it's all about.  Holy cow its incredible. I am also going back to Maraa on the 13th.  Why?  One of the investigators I found is getting baptized and asked me to be there. Holy cow how crazy is that?? I'm excited. 

Oh.  This is the Elder who was at the accident scene and gave me the blessing in the ambulance.  It was the first time we met (at the fireside) in my non-comatose state.  He's pretty Chill. 

So... My pictures are being dumb.  I basically forgot to bring down my megapixels... so sorry for not having very many of them. :)  

I am so excited to be back.  I cannot even explain the happiness.  This will be a fun week.  We will see what we're doing, we kind of just go with the swing of things.  Adjusting to mission life has been a tad hard.  Just because I went straight from normal life to being a missionary.  I just want to run...  Literally.  Nobody in my house does "sport."   I've been doing a lot of stretching.  OH! Question.  How much does one French, hardback, Book of Mormon weight? I've been using five as weights.  That's how desperate I am for exercise. 

The food here.  
Like my first time eating with members in Maraa I was served the exact same thing here.  
What was it? 
As in the organ.  The heart of what?  I have no idea.  It was of an animal I had no idea what it translated to in English.   
Enjoy the pictures I do have.  The group is my Zone.  We have a party zone.  There's Elder Taylor (He tells everyone who asks if we're related that I'm actually his wife.  Um.  No.), Soeur Naylor, and there is another Soeur Taylor.  Yeah.  If your last name is Taylor you have a pretty good shot of being called being called to Papeete, Tahiti.    

Oh, I'm also on another assignment.  Um.  I am painting the Visitor's Center.  That's what I'm off to go do now.  President found out I Oil Paint so Soeur Lawlor and I are painting all of the rooms.  We are off to go work on a waterfall right now.  Hello creativity. 

I love you all! I'm sorry this email was so short and choppy.  I'm in a hurry.

Soeur Mo

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