Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Vegan

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with Raspberries.  Every. Single. Day.  I think I could eat this every day of my life and not get sick of it. . . mmmm.  I don't care what kind of oatmeal, as long as my raspberries are in there.  If you don't have any delectable fresh berries (like me. . . ) I ran to wally-world and bought a bag of frozen ones.  Before you nuke your oats I crunch some frozen berries into smaller chunks (so every bite had juicy goodness and you save money) and throw them in.  That way, when it's done cooking, you'd never know they were frozen.  Add a little water to make it the consistency you like and, BAM! Delicious breakfast.

*insert picture here.... my camera ran out of batteries and I'm too cheap to go buy some.... I'll just wait until I go home and stock back up... welcome to the life of a college student*

If you don't like oatmeal I really like chopped up fruit for breakfast.  Every Saturday buy a bunch of your favorite fruit, then on Sunday I chop it all up and throw it into a Tupperware and snack on it all week.  I do the same thing with veggies.

Lunch/Dinner:  I'm a tofu fanatic. Really.  My roommates don't appreciate it, but I LOVE tofu.  So, for lunch if I have classes or work all night I'll just make extra and eat the rest for dinner.  It's quick and easy that way.

For a successful vegan lunch/dinner you must have some delicious sauce.  I really like the Kikkoman Stir-fry and Teriyaki sauces, they're so delicious. Or you can make your own.  Nikko makes a boss Teriyaki sauce, but I don't have the recipe... He doesn't either.  Basically whip some soy sauce with brown sugar and other yummy smelling Asian spices and hope for the best.  Agave Nectar is good to use with less brown sugar if you're worried about your petite figure.

Cook up some bell peppers, onions, maybe some mushrooms, carrots, potato in a frying pan (I use a wok) then add your tofu.  Stir it up until the tofu is nice and warm.  Add your sauce, cover it.  Then serve over rice or whole-grain pasta.

Salads.  I love my leafy-greens.  Throw some Italian dressing over crunch lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and mushrooms and chow down.  Eat as much as you want.  Eat salad until you're sick.  It's better than eating Micky-D's until your sick.

I'm working on other recipes.  I don't dare share them without testing them first.  That's my rule.

Snacks:  Tupperware of fruit and veggies!  They're so easy to just go grab, sit in front of the TV and eat.  I have this things where I always need to be chewing on something (gum is good, but it gives me headaches) so I munch on celery.  I love celery.

Rice Puffs.  You know those delicious Quaker flavored-Styrofoam?  I eat those all the time.  They're fluffy and crunchy and just feel good in your stomach.  Make sure not to get a flavor that has any milk products in it.  Sometimes that can be tricky.  Cheddar cheese flavor=bad.

Granola.  I eat this by the pound.  I have an 8-pound bag in my cupboard and it's nearly half-way gone.  I bought it a month ago.  This is also really yummy for breakfasts. Granola and raspberries.

Margaritas.  No. Not the alcoholic kind.  Ice and raspberry margarita mix blended together.  YUM!  Or any slushie of any kind.  Mixing limeade and ice in a blender is really good too.

Popsicles.  Walmart has delicious lemon-lime pops for 1.96 a bag. There's 18 in a bag. Oh yeah! And they're massive.  I call them margarita sticks and I highly recommend them.

Desserts: I have found the best cookie recipe in the world.  It is VEGAN! They're called Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows. This is the recipe.  I used veggie oil instead of canola oil, substitutions are pretty forgiving with this recipe.  When you go to bake them, press the round ball down a little better so they're flat, I think they taste better that way.

I like these because they're chocolate and vegan.  Vegan chocolate chips are so expensive and not worth it.

So that's my current life as a vegan.   I'm going to go make something new for lunch.  If it's delicious I'll post it tonight, if not. . . I'll try something else.


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