Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's On My Mind

Have I ever mentioned I love fall? I absolutely adore it!  I love the leaves, the chilly air (commonly referred to as "Sweater Weather"), the fresh squashes and tomatoes, pumpkins, corn, mazes, haunted houses, Halloween.  I love looking out the window and seeing all the trees change color. There's green, yellow, red, and orange right out my window.  I love warm boots, dark jeans, and, of course sweaters.  I love relaxing at the end of the day with a mug of hot chocolate or apple cider.  Or going on walks through the leaves, and wearing mittens.  I love autumn.

I love the fact I've checked the Missionary Online Recommendation System every half hour today, hoping my bishop has activated my papers. (not yet). My favorite parts of the day are when I wake up every morning to a text from Josh, my hour-two hours I spend studying Preach My Gospel, or the Book of Mormon,  dinner (we make fantastic dinners around here), around 8 o'clock when we decide we want to make weight watchers cookies, and when I finally curl up in bed, read a few more chapters in the Book of Mormon, and have happy dreams all night.  That's what I like about my days.

What I don't like.  Having to wake up early to go icky Biology.  It's not icky, just boring.  Realizing you're almost out of margarita sticks.  (Lemon-lime slushed popsicles, they aren't alcoholic, I promise.) Missing my family.  I know, weird right.  I actually do miss my crazy family.  I miss high school too.  Which is even weirder, but I liked spending my days studying government, working with the literary magazine, and debate.  

Most of all though, I miss writing essays.  The worst decision ever is not taking an English class this semester, I don't know if I can survive.  I miss editing newspaper articles, or those dumb group-editing sessions in English.  Those sessions were awful! I always felt like my papers neeeever got any suggestions that actually helped me, but most of the time I'd take the essays I was editing for a few class periods and edit them to shreds.  I love editing.  I miss it so much. 

I miss working with people.  All through high school I was either an editor, or a debate captain, or volunteering.  I like teaching because, believe it or not, I learn so much more about something when I teach someone.  It gave me the excuse to spend hours looking up random things, like George Mason, or graffiti, or the complete works of U2, to help the people I was working with.  That's how I learn the best.  I can't sit in a lecture, well, I can, but if I get with a study group and re-teach what I learned from that awfully boring lecture I'll learn it better.  

I have to share what I know.  I like that.  My poor husband is going to learn a lot of random facts from me one day. Lucky him.  


read this.  
like, actually read-read it, you'll learn a ton of new facts
i loff it 

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