Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snuggle V. Cuddle

Today was a very dramatic day.
Brenda woke me up to go to Institute.
I didn't want to go.
So instead of getting out of bed to tell her

I texted her this:
"Dear Brenda, go without me.

I'm going to load up on drugs
and sleep."
(not real drugs obviously).

But I got out of bed,
and I was glad I did because 
my Institute teacher is fantastic.

Then, after Institute I arrived at my apartment
I was in a very chipper mood,
reached down into my favorite satchel
and *sigh* realized my favorite satchel
did not contain my keys.
My second favorite one did.

I very dramatically leaned against the door
and slumped to the floor. 
(hehe it rhymed.)

I slumped for an hour.

And may have chipped off
all my nail polish during
The Wait.

Then I walked alllllllllllllllllllllll
the way across campus
in cowboy boots
interrupted Brenda's class
and took her keys.


Then I watched The District
on BYU TV.
I'm not the type to go
but it was fantastic. 
And very helpful.

My papers aren't opened yet.


The best part of the day was when 
a certain friend of mind shamelessly
admitted she/he did not know 
the difference between 


Snuggling is that
*meh I want to be closer*
so you just keep scootching
closer, and closer, and closer.
Cuddling is the casual
*movie time! Keep me warm
I like holding your hand*
type of chillin.  It's appropriate
to snuggle at points during
a movie, but snuggling is usually
reserved for gazing deep into
each other's eyes or preparing 
to take a snooze with your
favorite fluffy kitten.

In other news, 
that came in the mail today.

Fun fact, 
I decided I was going to 
teach  myself Spanish
a few weeks ago
and got from the 
Distribution Center.
Before President Monson
announced the missionary 
age change.

I'm a tad awed. 

*sometimes dramatic days
take a toll on your face so you
hide it with a lovely, fantastic book*



read it over and over and over
just, don't tattoo it on your chest

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