Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Okay.   Many of you are wondering why I'm disappearing from Facebook.  It's complicated.

First of all I don't need Facebook.
I don't need it to keep in touch with people.  I don't need hundreds of Facebook friends, because I'm not going to take these hundreds of friends through life with me.  Sorry, but that's the honest-to-goodness truth.

Second, Facebook is a time waster.
Ugh.  Social media is my downfall.  I'm not just getting rid of my Facebook, my twitter is disappearing, and so is my Tumblr.  *cringe*  I'm going to feel incredibly naked without my constant interaction with people I have never met, and will never meet.  So, I'm sorry buttercupthekittyjay and  calif0rnia-girl  I'm not going to be reblogging any of your posts anymore.  I'm sorry I'm going to give you a momentary mental breakdown when you realize you're missing a follower.  I'm sorry Facebook world, you won't be enlightened by my fabulous and witty posts every other day. I'm sorry dear, dear Twitter followers, my 140 characters of randomness will not be sent to your phone hour upon hour.

Third, I have better things to be doing.
Such as homework.  Meeting new people.  Reading my scriptures.  Tracking down door-bell ditchers. Making delicious vegan dishes.  Snuggling kittens.  Volunteering.  You know, important stuffs.  Just think about the hours the world spends on the internet every month, week, or even day.... We could be doing much better things... And actually making an impact.

Fourth, I'm going to make a difference.
I'm going to do that things I should be doing.  3 years from now I don't want my greatest accomplishment to be "I had over 1000 Facebook friends, or my tweet was re-tweeted by *insert famous person/corporation here (Ellen DeGeneres would be my dream re-tweeter)* I've been thinking about this lately, and I literally wrote out what I'm doing for the next two years.  I even planned my entire schedule up until my graduation in 2015 with an English Major- Technical Writing and Editing emphasis and a minor in Journalism/Communications- Public Relations emphasis. I am going to work all summer, work through school, then go with the International Language Program to China or Mexico the summer of 2014.  It's planned.  I have goals.  Facebook is only getting in my way.

Why am I still blogging/keeping friends on Facebook?
I'm keeping a record.  These are my thoughts. My crazy, random, sometimes insane thoughts.  There are some groups on Facebook I'd like to still be a part of, just for updates for future jobs and support. And, of course, my mother says she uses Facebook to keep tabs on me.   So, I guess I better give her one way to do that.  I don't need hundreds of friends.  A handful of people who are going to support me is all I need.

I don't want Facebook honestly.  I don't.  People didn't have it 8 years ago.  I think I will be just fine and connected without it.

This is my story.  This is my future.  Welcome back to my new life!


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