Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Classy R Us

Hello Tuesday!  Good 'ol wonderful Tuesday.  

Today I 

A) Went to the police station to get a letter for my Visia for my MISSION!

B) Worked.  Ick.

C) Had a date with Josh!  I must say, this was one of the best ideas we've had.  Ready for it?... 

We made Souffle's!  

Yep. The super temperamental dessert that everyone associates with *shhhh*  if you talk you'll deflate it. We made chocolate ones.  Really though, who thinks to make souffles?  We're pretty cool. 

The batter, if you can call it a batter, is 4 eggs, a cup of chocolate chips, water, vanilla, 1/3 cup sugar, and some cream of tarter.  If you don't have cream of tartar, no worries!  I forgot to put it in.... and they turned out fine! 

Look at those lovelies!  They are my new favorite dessert.  Ah.  

After we ate half of the 11 we made... *cough* *cough*  

We needed some mashed potatoes!  We make a quick run to Juniper Inn, ate some mashed potatoes and gravy (SO GOOD) and came back to watch Dumb and Dumber.

So the first third of our date was pretty classy....  Oui?


If you need a pick-me-up to get through the dreaded Wednesday watch this!!

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