Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sister Missionary! Part Duex

Hello blogging world!  It is officially Thursday! My least favorite day of the week...  We're soooo close to Friday, yet so far away.  Wednesdays are definitely pushing their way to the top of the worst category.  They're still in the number two slot, I'll let you know when it changes. 

I spend 7 hours a day working in an ice cream shop. In the middle of Richmond.  It's sad to say I don't get very many customers during snow storms... Sometimes I get extremely bored, but the majority of the time I occupy myself by studying.  I learn some french, read preach my gospel, read PMG in French  study the Book of Mormon, write my name over and over and over, check my Facebook, take a nap, sketch, make some ice cream, drink a Diet Coke, eat Chicken and Stars, take a nap, ice skate in the freezer, see how long I can stay in the -20 degree freezer, study the scriptures some more, write my name some more, and basically be bored.  That's my day.  

I've decided I need to finish my "Why I Want to go on a Mission" segment. 

When I first read my call it didn't make any sense to me.  In fact, when I first say the word "Tahiti" I thought, how do I pronounce that...  I didn't even think about WHERE I was going, I was just wondering what that strange word was.  Have no fear, I definitely knew what Tahiti was, it just didn't sink in at that moment.  The scariest part was reading "Tahitian" as the language I was going to be speaking.  You can kind of tell in video I posted.  I was in shock.  And scared.  

Tahitian is intimidating.  

Te Buka A Mormona: Te Tahi Paahou Ite No Iseu Mesia

Then I found out I will also be learning French.  Yes!!  I'll tell you about my life of French in a later post. 

Le Livre De Mormon: Un Autre Temoingage De Jesus'-Christ 

Um...  The languages don't look at all similar   Or sound similar  Can I tell you how amazing it feels to know that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to learn BOTH of these languages and then go teach in them after a few months? 


But, I didn't want to go on a mission to learn Tahitian. I didn't want to go to learn a language or to travel.  I'm going because I was told to go.  I know I was told to go because I want to help other people. Everyone deserves to know they're a Child of God.  Everyone should have the opportunity to receive the blessings that come while making Covenants with our Father. Everyone should be given the chance to read the Book of Mormon and ask to know if it is true or not. 

Everyone.  Because there is not one person on this planet better than another one.  Once we all die President Obama will be held to the same accountability as the local bus driver.  Bill Gates won't bring his money and the poorest of the poor may be even richer than he is in the next life.  Not rich with money of course, rich with blessings and family, and most importantly the knowledge and a testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

I have one.  I'm going to Tahiti to share it.


If you're curious about the LDS religion, maybe you want to chat with a missionary, or find a copy of the Book of Mormon, hit "The Belief" tab on the top of this page.  You can always ask me too, don't be shy! 

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