Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To Build Up His Kingdom

Welcome to our Sister Missionary Series! Sponsored by xoxo, mo and Zuster Anjewierden, aka Morgan and Kira.  We hope you'll follow us as we feature more of our amazing Sisters heading out to serve! 

Sister Myley Moffit
Serving in the Argentina Salta Mission

The age change for sister missionaries most definitely affected me. I had turned nineteen only a month and a half prior to the announcement. My decision to go on a mission was almost instantaneous. I made an appointment for an interview with my bishop the very same day the announcement was made.
I have always had some desire to serve a mission, but I didn't really think I would have the opportunity. To me, twenty-one just seemed way to late. I was sure I would be married by the time I was old enough to go. Because of the timing I hadn't given it too much thought until this summer. This summer I had the opportunity to help my very best friend in the world prepare for his mission in the Philippines. Through helping him I realized how much I wished I could go too. There were so many times that I told him how lucky he was and how I wanted to go and teach people too. This was the first time I really noticed how badly I would go. But again, since I was sure I would be married by age twenty-one I was almost positive I wouldn't be going. So I just tried not to think about it too much.

I wanted to go foreign more than anything. I am an adventurous sort of person and I love to travel. I love trying new things. I wanted to learn a foreign language. I didn't really care where I went in the world as long as it wasn't the United States. I wanted to get out and experience more of the world and experience other cultures.

Along with my desire to serve in a foreign country came a lot of anxiety about my call and a fear of disappointment. I knew I would be called where I was meant to go, but I didn't want to be disappointed if it did happen to be in the states. I cannot express how relieved and excited I was when I opened my call. I began reading but I couldn't control myself any longer and my eyes flitted across the page to see my destination. It said I would be serving in the Argentina Salta mission. I wasn't really surprised about it. I was just grateful that my Heavenly Father was mindful of my desires and allowed me to have what I wanted. I am so excited to go serve and teach the people of Argentina. I cannot think of a better place for me to be. I am anxiously counting down the days until my departure date. It can't come fast enough!

During the summer I was preparing to go to college. As most people know, college is super expensive. I needed grants, but I was told that it would be a problem so I didn't worry about it. I reserved a room in the dorms (where I would have a year-long contract) and I picked my classes. About half way through July I was told I would not be receiving the financial aid I was promised, and at this point it honestly looked like I would not get to go to college. I was devastated. I had to cancel my room reservation and then drop all of my classes. My dreams were crushed. However, after many (many) tears we found another way. I wouldn't be staying in the dorms, but would be living off-campus by myself. I wouldn't be taking the classes I had wanted, but the ones I signed up for were good too. All was right in the world again. I continued to prepare myself for college, and helped prepare my friend for his mission. 

Then October conference rolled around. 


What a crazy time in life. Sisters could now serve at the age of nineteen? Did I see that coming? No, I most definitely did not. However, I knew that it was right for me and I immediately started my papers. I wanted to go as soon as possible. After I finished and submitted my papers I realized something. If I had not had the issues with financial aid during the summer I would not have been able to go on a mission right away. I would have been locked into a housing contract for an entire academic year. Where I was living I could leave at any time. I was meant to serve now and I know it. 

My trials definitely prepared me for something better that was coming. The Lord has a plan for all of us, and those trials were a way of steering me in the right direction.

I am serving a mission because of my love for the gospel. It has brought me so much peace and joy in life. I want everyone to have the same opportunities for happiness that I have had. I want people to have the same knowledge I do so they can be as blessed as I have been. I am also serving for my own future family. Looking forward to the future and thinking about my own kids serving missions I realized that I could never ask them to go if I didn't go myself. I could never ask my children to do something I wasn't willing to do myself. 

I know that serving will help me become more Christ-like and that is the whole goal of this life. All of these things are reasons that I'm serving, but possibly the most important reason I am serving is to show gratitude to my Heavenly Father. He has blessed me with so much. I know that I can thank Him through prayer, but to me serving a mission is an even better way to show my gratitude for all my blessings. In my opinion there is no better way to show gratitude for everything you have been given than by being willing to give it all back.

To any future sisters I would say prepare now. Use your time wisely. Study the scriptures as much as you can as well as the words of the living prophets. These can only be a benefit to you as you go out to teach. To girls still deciding, all I can say is pray. Heavenly Father will let you know His plan for you. A big factor in my decision was my realization of how I would regret it later if I didn't go. I realized I had a desire to go. That is the most important thing. Then I took that desire to my Heavenly Father and asked Him if that was what He desired for me. The answer was a resounding yes. It might seem like a hard task to take up, but in the long wrong there are no negative side effects to serving a mission. You will only be blessed for your service. Also, when deciding, this may sound selfish, but only think of yourself. Do not even consider what others will think or want. The only person who matters in this decision is you. Only you can and should make the decision. Just have faith that the Lord will let you know what is best for you. :)

Myley Sue Moffitt

p.s. If you want to read more about the Argentina Salta Mission visit Elder Huston's mission site.

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