Thursday, January 24, 2013

This is Tahiti

Head on over to Kira's mission blog for another sister missionary feature!!

So. Welcome to the tropical land of Papeete!! This is the first island I will go to when I finally arrive in Tahiti in 97 days.  It looks so small and cute and perfect.  It really looks like a movie set. I am so so so so excited!!  

As many of you know Josh headed to the MTC this Wednesday.  He'll be serving in Busan, South Korea.  Hence the picture.  

Both of our towns/cities are on the coast, but it's crazy to see the differences between them.  I'll be living in quaint small towns -the kind of places where everyone knows everyone's business.  Josh will be in the big city.  Busan has a greater population than entire French Polynesia, that's just one city!

I'm so excited!! 


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