Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blood clot update...what a strange title:)

We heard back from the Shock Trauma doctors today regarding Morgan's blood clot.  It is what I figured, it is still there but has decreased.  When speaking to him he said he wasn't worried about it but wanted to keep her on blood thinners for three more months with ultrasounds of the clot once a month.  I asked him about Morgan returning to her mission and he said he felt fine with her going as long as the mission president approves her to get a ultrasound every month for three months.  He also said the hospital and doctors in Tahiti did a superb job and was very impressed by them.  So he feels very comfortable approving Morgan to return to Tahiti even with this clot.  This was great news.  We were speaking to him while in Downeast this afternoon.  Kind of a strange place to get good news.  Of course we still know that if Morgan returns there is a chance that she is called to a different place. She would love to return and finish what she started in Tahiti.  While driving home Morgan said "everyone should have to come home from their mission and then go back out". I thought this to be an interesting comment and asked her why.  She said "because it gives you time to think about what kind of missionary you were and what you can do to be better.  Then you can return and be better then before". We will see where this all goes.  Tomorrow we finish up doctor appointments which happens to be May 1st.  Exactly one year to the date she entered the MTC last year.  I find it to be very symbolic.  What a year it has been!!

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