Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just trying to get through this rainy day...and by the way Australia is to far away!:)

Today seemed like a long day, I thought maybe it would be a tougher day today and I was right.  We took Dan to the airport last night, it was time for him to return home to Australia.  That was hard to do.  We have really enjoyed him being here.  Chandler was plotting ways to make it so he had to stay and when Avery came home from school she walked in and said "Daniel, don't leave me!"   All day today we would see something or remember something that was said that reminded us of Dan.  We saw a big yellow bush and Morgan and I started to laugh.  Anyway, we will miss him. The day started  off good.  Morgan had a interview up at Utah State today for a scholarship.  She applied for it on her own and arranged the appointment for it.  I am very proud of her for doing it.  She was happy with how it went and when it comes to interviews that's all you can hope for, the rest is out of your hands.  I know Morgan is trying to figure out what the next step will be in her life and things like this can help her figure that out.  Technically she is still on vacation but really, she is thinking about what her life has in store for her next.  She had another blood draw this morning, they know her very well in the lab.  They call Morgan's name and she goes to the back, sits in the chair and pulls up both sleeves from her sweater and sighs.  They ask what arm she wants poked and she says "I don't care, pick one". And then sighs again.  She is tired and I make the comment "this has to end soon, hang in there". Oh how I want this to end for her.  This afternoon was rough.  I could see the frustration in her face and it breaks my heart.  It was raining outside and she came upstairs and said she was going for a run.  I told her it was raining and she said "that makes it better". I agreed and watched her run down the canal through our back window.  I just want to take it all away for her.  I kind of had a small break down and I actually said to Troy "this is not fair that Morgan has to struggle like this". I have never said those words.  I know life is not fair.  I understand that we are all faced with challenges but for me, Morgan's mom, I want to take all that away for her.  Troy quickly pointed out how blessed she has been and how blessed we have been.  How many miracles have happen in our lives.  Heavenly Father  has been by our sides and Morgan's side constantly and I know he will continue to help her heal and overcome all this.  He will not leave us to bare these things alone.   That gives me the greatest comfort.  Troy also reminded me of the conference talk Elder Stevenson just gave in the Sunday morning session "your four minutes".  Troy is a great husband and father.  He loves us all and would do anything for our family.   I then said a prayer and Morgan returned from her run drenched from the rain and a smile on her face.  She seemed a bit better and so was I.  Ready to continue on and get through this trial that seems to never end.  We all helped Kenzi with her posters for her election this week. That was fun!  Morgan has great handwriting!! We enjoyed the time together and laughed quite a bit.  They turned out darling! Tomorrow is a new day and we will make sure it's a good one.

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  1. So amazed at how you have staid the course and been blessed and hung on by your fingernails. You have no doubt had your melt downs....we are human trying to do the, sometimes in our eyes, impossible. As ;you look back you see the daily miraculous intervention and love from God and His angels. You're in my thoughts come I never see you? I don't even know where you live since you moved. Message or email me.


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