Sunday, April 27, 2014

White tights with white shoes....double rainbow=good luck

Morgan and I are staying in Salt Lake tonight.  Morg has a huge neuro test in the morning so we came down a day early so she wouldn't need to get up so early in the morning.  Before we came we stopped at Gramsies house to celebrate Aunt Marns birthday.  When we were driving down here Morgan says "I was looking at the photos of you and Marn when you both got married on Grams wall.  Why is your bow on you bouquet bigger then the flowers and why was Marnie so white? White dress, white flowers, white tights and white shoes?"  I kind of laughed and said " when I got married to your dad I didn't care what the details were.  I didn't care that the bow was bigger then my flowers or that my cake was the worst cake I have ever seen or that I had fake lace plastic tablecloths on the tables.  I just loved your dad so much and was excited to be married to him". Morgan says "OK, this is getting weird". I laughed a little bit and said "I hope when it's time you get married you are so happy and love this boy so much that you don't care either."  Morgan's response was the best that just cracked me up.  She said "So the moral of the story is I should love my future husband so much that I would wear white tights with white shoes for him" Ha ha!!! I just burst out laughing and said "yep, I guess so:). So when you bring someone around, after awhile I will just say..."what do you think about white tights with white shoes?"  Morgan says "oh dear!"  I needed to write this down because it was so funny.  When we were driving by Farmington we saw a huge, bright rainbow.  The brightest I have ever seen.  And then we saw another above it.  I said to Morgan "look it's double, that's good luck!"  When Troy and I were flying to Tahiti and were about to land it was very emotional.  Mostly because we were finally so close to be with Morgan.  Troy looked out the window and saw a double rainbow and said "look a double rainbow, it's good luck!"

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