Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Almost 4 month update! We Love SPRING!!

It has been a couple weeks so now might be good for an update.  We are always having people ask how Morgan is doing and telling us how she is still in their prayers.  We are so so thankful to you all. The last couple weeks have been busy.  We took off for a couple days and went to St George.  We went to the tabernacle and temple.  Morgan was able to talk with the missionaries serving there,  I think she really enjoyed talking with them.  There are quite a few french speaking missionaries there which surprised us all.  We were able to go to the General Women's Conference which was a great meeting and I loved being there with all my girls. We of course did some hiking and enjoyed the warmer weather.  Coming home we picked up a friend of Morgan's from the airport who is visiting from Australia.  The girlies are still trying to concur the Australian accent but it turns out being a mix between British, Irish and every other accent around the world.  I can only imagine the crazy stories he will be telling his family and friends about us.:). He has a few that's for sure.  We were able to attend the Sunday Morning session of General Conference which was so, so good!  We also were able to take Morgan to her mission reunion the Friday before conference.  That was so fun and we were able to see a few of the missionaries we met while in Tahiti.  The best reaction was a couple from Tahiti that were visiting for conference.  They saw Morgan and just kept saying "Soeur Taylor?"  over and over again.  They could not believe Morgan was there looking so good.  That was really fun.  We also saw Elder Cannon, which I guess we can call him Robby now.  And we also met another  Elder who was at the scene of Morgans accident.  I think they are all pretty amazed at how well Morg is doing.  I made the comment to Robby's mom that I really felt for these missionaries who were there right after Morgan was hit and that it must have been difficult to see.  She said that I didn't want to know what they saw.  But Elder Cannon quickly told us how so many things went right that night. There were so many miracles.  We will always be grateful to those missionaries!!  Morgan had speech therapy yesterday.  Audrey put her through some intense tests and Morgan aced most of them.  The ones she didn't were because she corrected herself.  Morgan is scoring in the top 90% in the category of a mild brain injury when she has suffered a severe brain injury.  I am pretty sure her brain is healthier then mine!  It was so good to hear that.  We were showing Dan photos of Morgans mission, accident and the photos my friend Noell took of the signs everyone made for her when she came home.  When the sign "Your Future is Bright" came on the screen, he said "that is so true Morgan". It is so true!! I am so excited for her future.  She is doing so well I can't even put into words how great she is doing!  It's been nice to be on this "vacation". We all need to put ourselves on vacations more.  Vacations from the things of the world.  Stop rushing and hurrying to do the next thing on our never ending lists.  I am not saying to turn unmotivated and not care about things but really give our brains a break to rejuvenate so we can carry on.  We are still working on the blood clot and Morgan has a week of Doctor appointments the end of April.  I am excited for that week because the doctors she has to see is going to drop dramatically after that week is over. Thank you all again for what you have done for Morgan and our family.  We are a grateful family and this has changed our lives.  More good then bad has come from this.  It has too.  Good must always prevail!:) 

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