Monday, April 28, 2014

Neurosurgeon..check!! Neuro test...check!!

I have a feeling that I may have a lot of updates this week.  I will try to be not so obnoxious:) There is a lot a waiting and so a lot of thinking.  This morning Morgan and I were eating breakfast at out hotel and I told her that I think....I think....I have found the man who hit her on facebook.  I am not certain and I want to be clear that I do not know for sure.  I sent out a message and even tried to be his wife's "friend". Which was denied but it could be some random Tahitian lady who is wondering who in the world I am.  The man has a pretty uncommon name -which other people have told me- and he looks like a 54 year old man.  But anyway I really haven't thought abut him to much and I decided to check his facebook page (my friend request is still pending:) and he had added a photo a couple days ago.  At first it bugged me.  If it is this man why on earth is he on facebook 4 1/2 months after he was drunk, hit my daughter on her bike, and then didn't stop.  I don't let that all consume me but the fact that we have been given NO information bugs me too.  I have been in contact with the US Consular in French Polynesia a few times.  Always told, we are looking into it and they will get back with us.  I just received another email saying they are resubmitting the request for more information to the district attorney.  Seriously, this is getting old!!  I was telling Morgan about it this morning and she said "did you send him a message on facebook?"  I told her yes and she said "Well, what did you say...I have two people who want to talk to you and they aren't lawyers":).  That gave me instant perspective.  Morgan has never spoke a unkind word to me about this grown man.  It's always about missionary work.  She is a good missionary.  Yesterday she went and listened to two of her friends speak in sacrament who are leaving to serve missions.  Our family wishes them both well and they will be in our prayers.  The closing song at the last one was Called to Serve.  I saw that and said "I guarantee Morgan is singing that in French right now." So after Troy said "Morg your mom and I have a question for you, what language did you sing that last song in?"  She said "It took everything I had not to sing it in French!"  Then we laughed:)

So Morgan's 6-7 hour test lasted about 2 1/2 hours.  Morgan and her doctor came out at noon and said that she was finished.  I guess in the middle of the test the doctor asked Morgan if she needed to take a break and Morgan said "I am fine, would you like a break?"  We then saw her Neurosurgeon and she no longer has to see him again unless of course she decides to return to her mission and he said her would write a recommendation for her to go.  He is a great doctor and I am so glad we are finished with his visits but we will always remember him and be grateful for the care he gave Morgan.  Tomorrow Morgan has a x-ray of her pelvis and then a CT of her blood clot which is in her jugular.  Back in January it was the size of two jelly belly's and just down from her brain stem.  It has taken a few weeks for Morgan to get her INR levels so she is therapeutic after her last surgery.  I hope it's been long enough to stop all the medicines and blood draws.  If you are someone who has no idea of what I just said, I am so glad!  I hope you don't ever have to know. :) Until tomorrow!

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