Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Morgan's 1st day of Vaca was a great one!!

This morning Morgan came to the gym with Troy and I.  We are trying to get into a routine the best we can.  The past couple months Morg would have to sit and watch..she had to come with us because she couldn't stay home alone...but today when it came time for me to go for a short run I asked her if she wanted to come with me and just walk outside.  Well, she just started to run.  Her face just lit up and she said to me "do you know it has been over three months since I have ran?" She loved it and I was a little panicked...of course.. I am telling her to slow down, if you get dizzy stop, trying to put myself between Morgan and any car that drove by.  I was a wreak!  And she ran strong the whole time.  We got back in the gym and I gave her a high-five!  She is AWESOME!! What an inspiration she is to me.  She had therapies today and she is officially finished with PT.  That just seems crazy but she was put through a series of tests and she performed very well.  The PT said there is no therapeutic reason for her to have to continue PT.  We then went to see Audrey.  She reassessed her and Morgan had a lot of perfect scores.  Audrey said to see her in two weeks. So I see Speech coming to an end soon too.  A funny story, when Morgan first landed in Salt Lake the speech therapist gave her a test.  The same one she was given today.  It was the test where they give her different scenarios and she has to say what she would do in the situation.  Back in January her response when asked what she would do if she lost her wallet  was that she would pray and would find it because she prayed.  Well another was what would she do when she realized she didn't have enough money to pay for her bill at a restaurant.  In January she said "I would flirt with the waiter" we all kind of laughed and the ST said " you would flirt with the waiter?" and she responded with "well, I guess it depends on what the waiter looked like". Today her response was different.  But I started to laugh when I heard the question and then told Morgan and Audrey what Morgan said back in January.  We all got a good laugh.  Morgan couldn't believe she said that.  We figure she doesn't remember the first three weeks of January.  We also remind her how she "fist bumped" Elder Nelsen when he came to visit.  That more or less mortifies her.  We all laugh and say "hey, how many people can say they fist bumped Elder Nelsen?". Tomorrow we head back to Salt Lake to get her staples removed.  Kenzi counted 43. Kenzi is coming too because she wants to watch.  I however will hold Morgs hand but not watch.:)  Kenzi also wants to remove the staples and Morgan says "you are not coming near my head!". :)

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