Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 28...January 10, 2014

Day 28....week 4 seems like we have been at this forever. Today is McKenzie's birthday so I was home celebrating with her. She is happy to announce that she is no longer the same age as McCall so last night we had a phone call at 4:00am - I guess it's this morning- it was Morg wondering what I was doing. Then I got another call at 7:00am it was Morgan again crying telling me she want a to come home. Kenz and I are leaving early in the morning and we will be staying with her this weekend. The OP is scheduling Morgan to attend a 30 minute sacrament on Sunday which will be good. Troy was with her all day. He said he saw small improvements. When asked the date she answered it correctly and he does not think she looked at the board in her room so that's good. The ST -speech therapist- gave her word search kind of games that she mastered in about 20 seconds. The ST was very impressed. She gave Morgan some sudoku puzzles, which Morgan has always been able to do, and she didn't have a problem with them. Me, I still haven't finished one in my lifetime. Morgan also ate her lunch, finally!! That was good to hear and was able to follow directions and make a brownie mix in the rehab kitchen. Troy said she knew what she was doing. All these things are great. We just need to somehow get those brain paths to work for her memory. I think it's happening but it's hard to say what the outcome is. Today the thing that keeps going through my mind is the Doctor in Tahiti telling us that after one month we will know what is damaged in her brain. Well today is one month. I also keep thinking of everyone who knows someone that's has to overcome something like this, telling me not to believe everything the doctors say. They give you statistics but its not necessarily what the outcome will be. So I believe her brain can get better. Morgan continues her busy days of treatment through the weekend too. So those family members that want to visit the best time is after 3:30. Call me and I will give more details. I have spoke with some of you already. You will need a code to get in. One more thing, it's one month that Morgan was hit by a drunk driver. I am going to be bold and say those of you who do drink, how about taking a weekend off. Find something else to do this weekend. I find that when I have some down time during the day I start to think and it gets difficult. Today was like that. I wish the 54 year old man who hit Morgan would have found something else to do 4 weeks ago. I can tell you on New Year's Eve when we happened to drive by a liquor store with the parking lot packed with people...I had a sick feeling in my stomach. Just being honest and I know if you were in my shoes or really if you were Morgan on the receiving end of this, you would feel the same. But, you know I love you all! Can't wait to spend so time with Morgan tomorrow! Happy birthday Kenz!!

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