Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 21...January 3, 2014

Day 21...Three weeks tonight..December is a blurr...when coming home from salt lake tonight I decided I was not going to post anything. To be quite honest today was a terrible day. It ranked right up there three weeks ago. It was tough. But, a brilliant friend of mine said this, not in the exact words but this is what I heard. It's crazy how your life can all of a sudden be turned upside down. So why couldn't it suddenly turn the other way. That made complete sense to me. She also said something good had to have happened so here I go. Morgan ate one slice of a pear and she loved it. She also had a strawberry boost which was good for a minute but then she said she was sick of it. But it's a start. The speech therapist came in and Morgan was so not in the mood. But she really showed that she is very smart and quick. All her answers are fast and she doesn't think about anything she says. She just responds. They asked her what 100-7 is. She knew it. Then the kept subtracting 7 from the number. She made it to about 50. I can't even do that right now. They then asked her to explain the steps of what she would do if she lost her wallet. She said "I would look around for it, then ask those around her when the last time they saw her with it, then she would pray" the therapist said "well what would you do after you pray?" Then she said "I would find it and I would open it and find money and have enough to buy food for two weeks" i am thinking she might have lived that once. So then the therapist asked for the steps for what she would do if she was driving a car and it broke down. She said " I would cry" when asked the next step she said "then I pray" then she was finished. She could only focus on the fact she had a feeding tube and was restrained. That was the extent of the day. When we were getting ready to leave they brought her dinner. We have trying so hard for her to eat so she can get rid of that tube. I showed her her dinner plate with some kind of beef stroganoff and said "do you want to eat some dinner" and she responded with a disgusted look and said "I don't even know what that is" it made me laugh. Because I didn't either. Rough day but there are some good things that happened. She is a sweety. Tomorrow is a new day. I love new days!!

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