Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 24...January 6, 2014

Day 24....Morgan had a great day. She seems to understand more and today is really the first day where she can remember being told something that was said to her a couple minutes before. The physical therapist and occupational therapist were awesome today. Maggie and Leslie. I wish they could follow her to rehab tomorrow. Yep!! I said Rehab, it's planned for tomorrow. She really does great during the day but once that four hour mark comes for pain meds, she can feel it. She says she hurts all over and starts to cry. Seriously it breaks my heart. But she is understanding more and listening more every day. Little by little. We are able to consul her more. We were pretty stimulating with her this morning. She logged on to her email by herself. I watched what she was typing so I could write it down for her and I can not believe she remembered what her user name and password are. So, she can get her emails!! She didn't really read any but soon I am sure she will. We decided to leave for a bit so she would sleep. We told her we were going and she asked why she can't come with us. That is the first time she has ever had a thought like that. It was nice to hear. She has listened to The Sound of Music in French quite a few times. It seems to chill her out. When we were leaving for the day she did not want us to go. Again, that's a first for her to even talk about something like that. She is such a sweetheart! The physical therapist says she is so sweet it is easy to give in to her. Once she gets to rehab they will push her and then have down time. She still has about 5 weeks without putting any weight on the right leg. My thinking is once she can she will be off and running.

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