Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 30...January 12, 2014

Day30...we are in the "3's" we started off going early to try to get Morgan to the church sacrament meeting. She was not feeling well this morning so I stayed with her and Troy and the kids went. She wasn't feeling well this morning but was doing great this afternoon. I spent the afternoon with her. She read emails, her journal, and did get on Facebook for a second. She has so many messages from friends here and in Tahiti. She enjoyed reading them. Journals are good. It reminds her of experiences and things that have happened recently. She seems to elaborate on things once her memory is reminded of them. She is doing better with remembering little things. Not a lot of little things but more. It was good to spend one on one time with her today. We had some good talks. I asked her about her mission and she told me she wants to go back. "I have more work to do" is what she said. I told her we will see what the future holds. Morgan was reading a part in her journal that she wrote the first week in Tahiti. It mentioned that she was going to be sister training leader next transfer and how crazy it sounded since she just arrived to Tahiti but that was her goal. She did it 3 months after arriving in Tahiti. I am only bringing this up because it shows how determined and goal oriented she is when she puts her mind to something. She is a goal setter and it was her way to stay busy and work hard for her mission. We were telling her that President Sinjoux was saying they set a goal for 1000 baptisms this year and they were at 900+in December. Morgan's comment was "looks like we had to many p-days" Morgan also had a lot of visitors today. We had a lot of our Family come and Soeur Moli family came. What amazing, great, kind people! It was so good to finally meet them. I told Morgan this morning they were coming and she was very excited. She loves Soeur Moli and talks about her often. There is a video clip Morgan had of the two of them trying to knock a mango out of a tree. They were laughing so hard. It was fun to listen to their conversation and laughter. You could tell they were great friends. I need to find a way to post it. I know you would all love it. The Moli family will always be apart of our family. Morgan is still fixated on the fact her skull is in her stomach and says she doesn't want to put it back in her head because she thinks that will hurt. I told her it will be easy compared to what she has been through. We were all talking up food and encouraging her to eat so we can take her home. She ate well tonight and I really think one more week and we will be bringing her home. I am trying not to get to excited about it because no one has confirmed that with me. It's just what my heart is telling me. Morgan wants to go shopping at city creek "anthro" she said and we are all going to Indian oven. She loves that place. It was our last lunch together that Troy and I went with her before her mission. I am starting to plan but being cautious about it. We are very blessed. She is doing amazing and her future is bright!

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