Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 25...January 7, 2014

Day 25.....First things all the mothers and fathers of missionaries and future missionaries, when your child fills out their mission papers evidently there is a question that pertains to sharing their medical information with other. Including their parents. Make sure they answer that correctly so that their medical information can be discussed with you. We found this out two moths ago when Morgan's bill from the MTC went through and I had a question about what the bill was for. They would not tell me because when Morgan filled out her papers she put that she didn't want her medical information discussed with anyone. I was a little bugged because we are insuring her and we need to know at we are paying for. Anyway, they were suppose to send papers to Morgan to fill out and email back so they can discuss it with us. I let our bishop know that missionaries need to watch that question because if something happens to Morgan in Tahiti, they won't discuss it with us. -that was thanksgiving- Two weeks later, the papers were not sent back from Morgan. I called on some billing things today and was told they couldn't discuss Morgan's health questions with me. I was calm and once they figured out what was going on Missionary Medical was so supportive and awesome. So this is just a heads up so maybe it will save some of you some frustration. Watch that question!!:)
Morgan was moved to rehab today. They have her busy from 7:30 - 3:30 everyday. So the few visitors she can have cant come until after 3:30. We will learn more tomorrow. It will be her first real day there. I didn't go down today. It is Avery's birthday and we went to lunch and had a little party with family tonight. She is having a hard time with all of this and today my priority was her. Troy said Morgan is about the same as yesterday. Her thoughts are all over the place. They are trying to find out what her last memory is but haven't figured that out yet. When you ask her about people she knows, she has opinions about them and they seem to be pretty right on but experiences are mixed up. Everyone says time and patience. This is a rough way to learn patience that for sure! I do want to thank everyone for the meals. My kids are thrilled and want recipes. We had two YW groups stop by tonight which was a surprise and so fun! and the primary from our ward made the cutest posters I will take to her tomorrow. She will love them. So many people to thank for everything!! It doesn't go unnoticed and we are very appreciative. I was telling Troy, one thing about all of this is, it has made me more aware of others and the trials they go through. Little things mean a lot and we thank all of you.

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