Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 40...January 22, 2014

Day 40....Morgan is finally home!! When you leave rehab they play a song on the overhead PA. When Morgan first got on rehab she said the song she wanted was Back in Black. Troy couldn't have been more proud:) she didn't remember that and told them this morning to play U2 A Beautiful Day...that was perfect. But, the PA didn't work so the cute nurses, therapist, social workers etc. tried to sing and dance her way out and ended up singing "so long farewell " from the sound of music which again was perfect because all she has done is watch The Sound of Music in French the whole time she was there. It was pretty cute and I got it on tape to show her tomorrow. We went around and said goodbye to our friends, health care workers, patients and their families. I cried. I am grateful to the workers and I will miss my fellow families of patients. My friend Jim whose wife had a stroke, Gayle whose husband had a rare virus and has a long fight ahead for the next year. I see their eyes and it breaks my heart. You see someone you love going through so much and it's hard and you want to switch places with them. It also reminds me of when Morgan was in ICU in Tahiti. I was leaving and in the waiting room was a Tahitian man with tears streaming down his face. I just went and put my arm around him and said I was sorry. I didn't know what was going on and couldn't understand him if I could ask, but we both were feeling the same thing. I was talking with Gayle and someone was telling her to be more positive. I told her that some days, maybe everyday you are going to feel terrible and feel like you are at your end. I said go cry, take a break, say a prayer, and continue forward. Because that's all anyone can do. Onward and upward. We are loving having Morgan home. She slept most of the way and woke up in Logan. When we hit smithfield and she saw the sign at Lees, she was a bit confused. Then she saw Wendy's and she started to laugh. Then up the sky view hill and the bows and signs were awesome. She loved them and said "that is so much work who did that?" She loved it. They were all so creative. The French and Tahitians signs surprised her. They were all so so great!! Thank you all so much!! It made her feel so good. I appreciate that. I just cried, seriously what else do I do now days. Happy tears though!! We had dinner and family prayer together and looked at photos from her mission and things we have done these last 8 months. We will relive it all tomorrow too. My friend Noel took photos of all the signs and of her coming home so we can relive that again tomorrow too. Thanks Noel!! Thanks again to the pharmacy for filling in today for Troy so he could go down to bring her home. They are wonderful people. We owe them so much and know they have sacrificed so Troy could be with Morgan over the last 40 days. We head back to IMC in three weeks. Hopefully during that time it's uneventful with therapies. Thanks again to you all!!

coming home!! its a beautiful day!!

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