Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 32...January 14, 2014

Day 32.....BIG day today...Morgan hit her 1600 calorie goal and will not have to have tube feeds tonight!! Celebrate now!!!it didn't start off well. She didn't eat breakfast but ate lunch and dinner. She was about 300 calories short and Pops went and bought her a Jr.bacon cheese burger from Wendy's and we cheered her on as she ate it. She did it. Now only two more days to go. In PT today Morgan was awesome and walked-hopped with her walker the longest she has ever done and also worked on going up and down stairs. She was worn out but did so well! Another great thing happened in speech, the therapist told Morgan that tomorrow when Morgan sees her she has to tell her about the best vacation she has ever had. Morgan said "ok, do you have a pen?" The Speech therapist said "yes, why" and Morgan said "because I want to write that down in my planner so I won't forget." If you all only knew how huge that is!!! The fact that she realizes she needs to do that is a big step. It made my day, and her eating of course. She acquired a couple more very soft stuffed animals today. She is getting quite the collection. We brought more piano books for her and she played every chance she was given. The doctors had their meeting and my next week goal of getting her home is a little ambitious. They said one or two weeks so I guess it could be possible. The neurosurgeon will check her brain the beginning of February along with the orthopedic for her pelvis. Her collar bone seems to be doing fine. She is using it quite a bit but it does cause her some pain. The skull in her abdomen bothers her. She can't laugh or cough without it hurting her. I don't know if it really hurts or if its just a weird feeling. Another big thing is Troy returns to work tomorrow. It will be good to try and get back to our abnormal, normal schedule. The hospital pharmacy have been so great. When this all happened, right before Christmas, they were so great to cover his shifts and give Troy the time off he needed to be with Morgan. Thank you isn't enough. They are an amazing bunch who have all been so supportive. Troy has been with Morgan since December 16th not missing a day. I know tomorrow will be hard but we have figured out we can do hard things. It will be good for everyone to try and get back to normal. Morgan looked at photos again. She really enjoys that. Well, I am flying solo tomorrow which will be good. I am counting the days to get her home!!! I still think it will be sooner rather than later!:)

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