Monday, March 10, 2014

December 23, 2014 - Part 2

We just were asked to leave for a bit so I am emailing very quickly. This morning started off more or less terrible. Google translator didn't translate the best and we were told Morgan was going into a procedure and we couldn't come back until 1:00. We were there at 7:00. We knew they were wanting to do a trachea on her but if they did do it they were suppose to talk with us. And I couldn't think of any other procedure. But communication was a problem. So I called the mission president....he is awesome by the way....and he came right over to translate. Ended up not being a procedure, they just wanted to clean her up etc. Well, the head French nurse had a lot of fast French to say. And now we can only come during visiting hours 1:00-7:00. I felt terrible. Only because I was not complaining about care or anything I just wanted to know exactly what procedure it was. Well, our cute nurse Leilani said to Troy, with google translator, she was sorry about this morning and will work it out:)
So on to the miracle of the day.... Morgan's companion Soeur Moli came to see her with Soeur Li. Soeur Li is a tough cookie and Morgan's trainer. When she says something the sisters listen. But she is really a softy. Whenever she sees Morgan she is in tears. I was back with sister Moli and I went out to see if Soeur Li wanted to come back. She wasn't sure. I told her it was OK if she didn't not to worry. I went back in with Soeur Moli and here comes Soeur Li. She was holding Morgans hand and I was talking with her because she speaks a little English. We were talking about the Georges and his wife who just got married and baptized. Morgan was the ring barer for their wedding. Georges is deaf and when Morgan was in the MTC and she would need a break from French she would go into the signing class and she learned to sign. Well when she met Georges and they were teaching him she was the translator. I was talking to Soeur Li about him then all of a sudden Morgan started signing with her right hand. It was strong and clear. So she and Soeur Li signed together. Holy cow!!!! I was in tears and so was Soeur Li. She told Soeur Li to get her out of there so she can go back to work. Amazing! Very humbling. Another good day..we have a big meeting in the morning so more info will come then. Thank you for the continued support and prayers. A good day. Time to learn to sign!!!

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