Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 26...January

Day 26...Thank you to whoever shoveled our driveway today and also in December while we were gone. Thanks a ton!! Today Morgan had a good day. She was pleasant and happy all day. When we got there this morning we caught the end of her speech therapy. The therapist is named Hillary and is very good. She was asking Morgan government questions. Mr. Rigby would be proud!! She knew every question, no problem. One question was "who was the first president of the United States?" She said "George Bush, just kidding George Washington". It was pretty funny. Hillary also asked her what she would do if she was at a restaurant and found out she didn't have any money to pay for her food. Morgan said "I would flirt with the waiter"we all kind of laughed and Hillary said "you would flirt with the waiter?" And Morg said "well, I guess it depends on the waiter" it was funny:). We then went for a tour of the floor. Morgan saw a keyboard and wanted to play. She played two Christmas songs and actually played pretty good. Her left hand was a little behind but not bad at all. She then played "alloette" perfectly and quickly. She had that memorized. Seriously she drew a crowd. She is really unbelievable. So awesome. She ate lunch, not much, and then it was time for physical therapy. She did one legged squats and sitting weighted leg lifts with both legs. Once she can put pressure on that pelvis, she will be unstoppable. She is still confused but I noticed a couple things that she is remembering. If you ask her what leg she can't stand on she now knows. It may not seem like a big deal but it is. I am also noticing the swelling of her brain going down. She said to me "feel this. It feels soft". Meaning her head. So I told her what happened again and that her skull is in her abdomen. She looked and me and said "that is gross! Do you mean I have a legitimate reason for having my stomach hurt?" I said yep:) then explained how cool it was that they could save her skull for when her brain swelling goes down and her response is "it's still gross". She loved loved loved her posters from the primary. She would just read them over and over. There was one that said something like "I am sorry you got hit on your bike by a drunk driver" she looked at me like "really?" And would read it again. Those posters are awesome because she can read them over and over again. And she loves it. She said "I want more of these". They are hanging right by her bed. I have received a few notes from mothers of the Elders and Sisters of her MTC group. I think they are a close bunch. And are worried about her. When I talk to her about them specifically you can tell she loves them all. Alright I am rambling but one more thing, yesterday President Oliverson came over. It's funny how he comes at just the right time. But he brought up Morgan returning to her mission when she is healed. I told him, wouldn't that be something if she is able to do that. It would truly be a miracle. But really where she was almost four weeks ago and then where she is now is a miracle. So anything is possible. She has a lot in front of her but I know she could do it. If she can't return she will know its ok. She accomplished so much in 8 months and should be happy with that. Sorry for the novel a good day!!

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