Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 27...January 9, 2014

Day 27.... Seriously if someone knows who is plowing our driveway will you let me know:). We need to thank them. Thank you!! I just got a call from the hospital. I was a bit worried and then I heard "Hi mom. Where are you?" Holy cow she found a phone and called me!! I told her I was at home and she said "you left me here alone?" Holy cow!! Then I explained I needed to get the kids to bed and to school and her dad would be there in the morning. And she said "ok, I love you" Brings me to tears. I keep thinking I will run out eventually but somehow it doesn't work that way. Morgan had a good day. She is now hopping with a walker. She has to be reminded all the time about not using her right leg. But she gets along very well! Her nurse is a keeper!!! Se will be a friend forever. She is from South Carolina and is so sweet to Morgan. Morgan read her blog and every other Tahiti missionary blog today. She read it out loud and all afternoon. She also found LDS tools and listened to songs and talks. She called the girls when they got home from school and talked forever with them. I guess today what she did most of is talk, and talk. It was fun to hear her. She had a couple visitors today. She was pretty excited so I think she understood who they were. I took a photo just in case to remind her. Elder Russell M. Nelson and Elder David F. Evans. She held her fist up for Elder Nelson to fist bump her. He was kind to do it:) they told her they prayed for her in the temple today. After they left my parents were there and she told my mom "they prayed for me in the temple today". She actually repeated something someone told her. That was so nice to hear!! She just called me again.... I am loving this right now! She is still only able to have family visit. Let me know and I will tell you a good time to see her. Tomorrow the occupational therapists are letting her make brownies. They have a full kitchen on that floor. They also told her she had to eat one. She is just not interested in food. I hope that changes soon. Have a great night.

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