Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 9

Morgan is still plugging along.
We just saw Morgan for about an hour. She is doing good. The night nurse, who came to meet us and tell us we are welcome any time to see Morgan, was very nice and sweet. they even have a google translate on a iPad type device. That will be good for both all of us. They said Morgan understood to squeeze once for yes and twice for no. That is good. I am pretty sure she knows we are there. She may not remember because she is so sedated but its good. They said her right side moves everywhere and her left is getting better. It's defiantly effected but time will heal. I know it. Enjoy your Sunday. Is a peaceful day here. We are going to sacrament at 10:00. It will be the Christmas program. I am looking forward to attending. It's Christmas and I always love the Christmas program the Sunday before. I hope you all do too. We are very blessed and appreciate you all. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be parents. We love our children and are thankful for all who are helping care for all of them. Thanks to you all!!
I will end with a funny story, at that wedding yesterday I was sitting by sister Moli. She was translating it to me and some advice the speaker gave to the couple was "never listen to your mother-in-law, Adam didn't have a mother-in-law, that's why he was so happy" the crowd went wild:) Troy and I are so glad we have the mother-in-laws we have:) have a great sabbath!:)

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