Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 47...January 29, 2014

Day 47.... Morgan is officially finished with occupational therapy. One more thing to cross off the list! She still has physical therapy and speech therapy and will be doing them for awhile. Once she can put weight on that leg she will be off and running...or at least working towards running. She is getting tired of being still. She says "do you know that I have been running every morning since I left on my mission". While in rehab the physical therapists asked her if she had any goals. She said she wanted to run the Top of Utah half in August again. They all laughed at her. I am sure they laughed because they were surprised by the answer and said she won't be running by August. Well, first of all they laughed and second they said she wouldn't be running. So, there is her goal. That is of course if she ends up not returning to her mission. She said "I can get some people to run with me don't you think?". Oh yes, right now if Morgan wants something Morgan gets it...well most anything. I have to tell you about the relationship Morgan and McKenzie have with each other. Kenz will do anything for Morgan and has learned the meanings of the Tahitian and French words Morgan says to her when she wants things. It's hilarious. One of them is Tahitian for "move, you!" Kenz is always teasing her and always watching out for her. It's fun to see. Mckenzie wants to be an ER doctor when she grows up. She would be an awesome health care worker i decided. We appreciate the good ones that's for sure! I must add that she is planning on moving to Hawaii to work so she can take care of shark attacks.. Hilarious!! Another big day down and a new day tomorrow!!

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