Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 6

Here is another update from Marcie. Tahiti is three hours behind us and the visiting hours are from 1-7 their time. This update is from last night.
Morgan has stayed stable all day. The pressure of her brain has been good. Ranging from about 8-15. They did another CT scan and the neurologist said it had not changed which is good. There is some edema around the contusion but that's to be expected. I feel like I have already sent an email like this. If I did, you get it again. They put some compressor socks on her to her the circulation going. So far it hasn't really done anything to the pressure on her brain. They don't want anything to bring that up but need to watch for clots and other complications. The nurses are so good to work with. Very kind. I make sure and show anyone that is new working with her a photo of her. The one she recently sent with the little boy with the big tie who just got baptized. You know the one where she is wearing the blue dress and the biggest smile I have ever seen from her. I love that photo!! I show it to them so they see her as a happy excited girl and not just a patient in the bed. It makes them all smile!! How could it not! It puts a person with the patient they are taking care of. I want the best care for her and will think of everything I can to make sure she gets extra care. Elder Switzer in salt lake received the scans and has a neurologist looking at them and is planning another conference meeting with the Tahitian doctors tomorrow afternoon. I am anxious for the results or opinion of that. Today a huge group of sister missionaries came to visit. Of course they couldn't go in the room but they stood outside. It was fun to see them and recognize them from photos that Morgan sent. I knew a lot about some of them;) great girls. I took photos of everyone who came so I can show Morgan one day, I hope soon. There was also a girl that came and wanted to play a piano recording she made for her. I couldn't let her, I was sorry but told her to come back in a few days to play it...I hope she can soon. She was darling! I wonder if it is one of the girls Morg was trying to teach the piano to? I don't know but know she was helping someone. There is a language issue verbally but there is not a language issue otherwise. I know what is in their hearts. They love her. I told the sister missionaries to go enjoy every second of their mission. Like Morgan was doing. Sister Urling, I know is a good friend to Morg might be coming by tomorrow. I look forward to meeting her. I hope I can. Also sister Moli. Today was peaceful. It was good. We miss everyone and can't wait to bring Morgan home. I am praying for a Christmas miracle! Thank to again for the prayers. Please keep them going. Tomorrow we will have more info.

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