Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 55...February 5, 2014

Day 55...Do you know when you first wake up and your first thought is "where am I" (that's been happening for two months now:) Then it goes to "what day is it" and then everything all of a sudden makes sense. I sometimes wonder if that is going to happen to Morgan with her all of a sudden it will all come back to her. She is remembering a lot of things everyday. She is talking about new things all the time and is really doing great! She has her moments when she tired of her situation and just wants to go somewhere on her own. Morgan has always been very independent. I was actually talking to my mom about this. She was saying how independent I was and that I can ask for help because she wants to help. I said to my sweet mom, who I know would do anything for me, " I got my independence from someone:) and wouldn't it be worse for a mom to know that her child was so dependent that they couldn't at least try to figure things out first.". I understood what my mom said...she just wants me to ask. But looking at Morgan I see the same thing. She loves her independence too. I want to fix everything and make her happy but she just wants to do it herself. Soon....So I didn't sleep much last night. I am anxious for the doctor appointment today. I have a list of questions and I just hope I don't forget one. We will all be glad when that is over for Morgan. Ok, one more thing......friends of Morgan, come over anytime! Morgan is confined to the first floor so it is understood that if friends come over we give her space. Just keep in mind that she gets tired after a bit and needs to rest her beautiful brain. But, really as much as she loves us:) she loves new faces too. I will update tonight about her appointment!! And seriously, this snow needs to stop falling!!

* Just made it home. The roads were great and Salt Lake didn't have any snow. Crazy to leave with so much snow here and find nothing there. Anyway, enough of the weather report:). The neurosurgeons office is getting approval for insurance to replace Morgan's skull and after the approval is made they will schedule surgery. It could be up to four weeks but we don't really know. I hope it's not that long but whatever I guess. He said there is a really good chance they will be able to use the skull in her abdomen which is good to know. I asked how they attach it and he said they put it in place and they take titanium plates and screw it to the rest of her skull. Awesome:/. Best case scenario she will be in the hospital for two days. That is if there are no complications and her brain is ok during surgery. I saw some X-rays of her skull in her cool! It is sitting vertical and all along we were thinking its horizontal. Probably because her scar is horizontal. It explains a lot of Morgan's pain she has. Medicine is amazing. So the low down on returning to her mission.....six months. Yikes..that puts her Augustish. In my mind I was thinking end of May. Who knows I guess. I think we help her prepare for heading to school at Utah State in the Fall and also returning to her mission. It's best to prepared for everything. I told her if she wanted maybe she could return in the fall and come home with the elders she went out with. Or maybe they would send her states side. She was looking at French speaking state side missions and the only one she could find was New York, New York South:). Who really knows!!! We have scenarios going through our mind all day. Anyway, she is continuing to improve everyday. Next week is the appointment with her Orthopedic surgeon. Hoping to be able to put some weight on that right leg.

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