Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 64...February 15, 2014

Day 64.... Yesterday Morgan had two doctor appointments. The first was with her orthopedic and he walked in the room saying "your pelvis is completely healed! You can put as much weight on your leg as you can handle". I may have started to cry right then:). The last time he saw Morgan was probably around January 5th or 6th. He was so amazed with her. He asked her if she could move her left side. So Morgan looked at me very strangely and did it. She doesn't remember not being able to move that side. He was very happy with her progress. Doctor appointments like that are seriously a good time!:). Everyone is happy! What is funny now that i look back was even though the doctor said she was cleared to walk, i still pushed her out in her wheel chair:). It took a while to sink in. When we were leaving the doctors office we were in the elevator and a young man was in there wearing a walking boot on his leg. He looked and Morgan and said "what happened to you". We laugh a little and Morgan said "I got hit by a car". And he said "so did I!" So they were exchanging stories of broken bones and head injuries. It was an interesting elevator ride. When the doors opened a young girl who was riding with us said "I hope you all have a great day". I laughed a little again because that girl was probably thinking it was the strangest conversation she had ever heard:) We stopped and talk with the guy and he asked Morgan "do you have headaches or dizziness?" And she said no. Then he asked "can you smell or taste?" And she told him yes but her left side of her tongue is numb. That guy had all those things he was now dealing with and I though how grateful i was that Morgan was not having to recover with those things also. It was fun to chat with him. We went to our next appointment and it was with the rehab doctor, Doctor Ryser, whose grandfather wrote the Utah State Scotsman song!! How cool is that. I asked him if had ever been to a Aggie basketball game. He said he had not. I told him he NEEDS to go and he will hear that song at least 12 times!!:). Anyway, Morgan is doing great as far as he's concerned and we see him after her bone flap is put back. So no more salt lake doctor visits for another month. So the first place Morgan walked into by herself was the oriental food market on 700 east in salt lake. We stopped to buy our Valentines Day dinner. It was so great to see her! She is moving great, going up and down stairs. It is awesome! She doesn't have any pain except for her calve muscles are tight. Expect to see us out walking the streets of Smithfield! We had a phone call tonight from our " missionary department home teacher". That's what I call him:). He is great to talk to and he mentioned that Morgan is still a topic of conversation at their meetings. It's kind of funny because now that Morgan is doing so well, we are now getting more information about her accident that I think people were guarding us from. Anyway, nine weeks down! Thank you all still for your prayers, notes and everything! It's fun to take Morgan out and so many people are calling her by name and saying Hello. She says "mom do you know who that is?" Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Everyone has been so thoughtful and kind. Thank you!!

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