Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 86...March 9, 2014

Day 86...twelve weeks and two days...while typing this post I am thinking of you uncle Jay Taylor:). Troy was able to take Morgan to her great friend, Natalie's mission farewell today. I wondered how she would do since it was about 3 1/2 hours each way. She did great and loved every minute of it! Natalie is heading to Peru which Morgan thinks would be an awesome place to serve...other than Tahiti of course:) We appreciate Natalie's friendship and wish her the best!! But on the way home they took a quick detour to see Troys parents in Kamas. Troy was able to talk to Uncle Jay on the phone and asked how things were going since I haven't posted for a few days. Thanks Jay!:) Morgan really had a good week. She has been initiating things more on her own and you can tell it gives her a sense of accomplishment when she does things on her own. She moved her things back into her room and has been going through her mission things. She found a memory card full of photos which we were so excited for! So she has photos up until Halloween. After that they are all on the card in the missing camera:/...that still really bothers me. Oh well I suppose. She finished her quilt top this week! It looks great! After about 15 minutes of sewing it, she stopped and said to me " so after I sew these strips together do I have to sew them again?". I told her yes and she replied " ugh! How boring!" but she did it. She would take small breaks and you could tell she had a nagging feeling to just get it finished. So she would start again. This is a good task for her because it is boring and that's one of the things Audrey wants her to work on, concentrating on long mundane tasks and finishing them. Morgan is awesome. She has been talking about returning to her mission more this week. The last few weeks as more memories are coming back I think, really I know the thought of returning scared her. It is not the people, the language, the food, or the culture that was holding her back. She had a couple rough times there that really kind of shocked me that she had to go through and she didn't want to have to do that again. Ultimately she needs to decide what she will do. we had a great talk one morning and I reminded her that if she returns those things will still be there. Missions are tough! But life is tough. We will be put through trials every day and hopefully we can get through them with grace and be better for it. Getting through them will bring a lot of tears...which seriously I wish would at least slow down:)....laughter, heartache, and joy. Do I hope Morgan goes back on her mission? Yep, but will I be disappointed if she chooses not to? Nope. I know she will do what she can and needs to do for her. I do think of the people whose lives she has changed for the better and I know they are grateful for this energetic blond girl with a contagious smile and laugh to cross their paths. We love the Tahitian people! Missionaries in Ontario Canada almost 50 years ago brought the gospel to my mom and changed her life. I love the missionaries!! Well I could go on forever:). Morgan's surgery is still March 18th. A week from Tuesday. The doctor says it is still not approved but I called the insurance and they said it was approved back on February 14th. I didn't get frustrated I just said "thank you I will call the doctor and let them know" just as long as it isn't delayed anymore is all I ask!:)

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