Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 16...December 28, 2014

Update from Marcie Taylor
Today started out very frustrating. I chose to be frustrated even though the things bugging me were out of my control. I am just so ready to get home to hospital workers who speak English, public bathrooms with toilet paper and towels....probably to much information:) my other children, my bed, getting Morgan on the road to recovery, and just being in the USA!! Morgan's flight changed again. She won't fly out until Monday morning at 7:00am. She flies to Christmas Island, Hawaii, Oakland, then home. Yes, it seems like a long flight. It is, she gets in to Salt Lake about 4:30am Tuesday. It's a small plane So they need to refuel. An ambulance will get her from the air port and we will meet her at the hospital. I am anxious for a full report on the things that need to be repaired and ready for recovery. Another frustrating thing was Morgan's camera has turned up missing. I just want her Memory cards. Hopefully it will turn up. She did buy a little hard drive to back them up on so i hope she did. I wasn't seeing any progress with Morgan when we got there. That was frustrating and made us sad. But towards the end she waved goodbye to the mission president with her finger and then gave him a thumbs up. Those two things totally changed the day. Again there was hope. It doesn't take much. We just hope there is progress everyday. It doesn't need to be big but just something. Well, 24 hours and I will be heading home. We have invited the whole island of Tahiti to come visit:). I hope they come. Today we had some Sister missionaries come say goodbye to Morgan. We all cried. I just keep focusing on the fact that there is a different plan for Morgan. Something better, not fact that a drunk driver took the rest of her Tahitian mission away from her and changed the rest of her life. It's a fine line for me right now. But I will be positive! Well, good night! Na Na! And bonswa. I don't know if that's how you spell it but I like that word because it means good evening and that means we survived one more day.

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