Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 11...December 23, 2014

Tonight's update:
Troy and I just returned from the hospital. After church we stayed at the hospital from 1-7:30. While there Troy just randomly started whistling 'we thank the oh god for our prophet' and so I just started humming with him. I looked up at Morgan and she had a small tear come out of her left eye. I have not seen any tears out of that eye yet only the other. So then we just decided to keep humming. Seriously, the French hospital workers think we are crazy but, whatever. Anyway, I could see some rapid eye movement under Morgan's eye lid and over a little while they Cracked open and I know she saw us. We spoke and she held our hand. She is finally waking up. We are trying to be cautiously happy but we are so happy. Still no real movement on her left side but brain pressure is awesome, blood pressure and heart rate still high. But it's being watched. It's a good day. Tomorrow will be just as good I know it. Thanks to you all for everything!!

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