Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 34...January 16, 2014

Day 34...sleep does wonders today was Morgan's first outing out if the hospital. Her therapist thought it would be great if her sisters and brother could be with her. I worried about missing school but thought this was a perfect reason to miss school. When I walked in to Morgan's room she smiled and when the girlies walked in she beamed and lit right up!! She was so happy to see them. Morgan had Speech right when we got there. They ask her the same questions everyday. They want her to answer them correctly three days in a row. This shows that she is coming out of her post trauma amnesia. I think that's what it is called. Today was day one with 12/12. So that's a start. For OT we went and took Morgan to lunch at Rubios. Morgan had to pay and do everything herself. She was fine, no problem. She did forget where she put her change. I am quickly finding out that her life will need to be organized. She realizes that though. She wants things in order and worries about messes. Kenz was sitting on her bed eating chips and Morgan told her, in French, that she could sit on her bed but not with the chips. She wants it clean. She likes her planner so she can look back and read what happened the day before. Because she doesn't remember it. I can remind her and it seems like something clicks and she can elaborate on it but then it seems to be gone that quick. Hopefully time will help that. She has memories but they are not in order. She remembers a lot from her mission but today again I told her how she got in the hospital and she seemed surprised. Sometimes she knows and sometime she doesn't. Journals are great. She kept great journals. We are missing some. It's strange but she took photos of her journal after she wrote in them. Really who does that. I asked her why she did that and she responded with "just in case I lost it" Troy copied them so she could read it. We are finding things out everyday and hopefully will track them down. Morgan did not get her calories today. She was 600 short. The doctor told her today that when she will eat 1700 calories he would take that tube out. She was tired and seemed sad tonight. She didn't want the tube feed. I just told her tomorrow is another day and we will just try our best at another day. What can anyone do but try their best, right! She is so cheerful and waves to everyone. Jim, our friend whose wife had a stroke, walked by her room tonight and she smiled and waved. He said "have you been out proselytizing today Sister?" And she said "not today, maybe tomorrow" then she turns to me and says "can I go home tomorrow?" Soon that day will finally come!!

Morgan had her first outing today. The girlies convinced me..and the therapists..that they needed to be there. Now they are coloring on the window

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