Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 18...December 30, 2014

Home sweet home. I made it home. So great to see the kids! They really are great kids! Love them!! Troy comes today, Morgan has another delay so she will com early tomorrow morning. It will be good to have her here. Troy said Morgan had another good day yesterday. They gave her paper and a pen and she wrote her name and phone number. He said she would start to write but then got confused. But it a great start! She has been working with her left arm. She try's to wipe her mouth with it but can't get it to her mouth. Her nurse told her she can use her other hand but Morgan looked at her and would try over and over again with that weak side. Troy said that yesterday she is now able to bring that hand to her mouth. She also heard the nurse say that they were going to take her feeding tube out and when the nurse and Troy left the room for a second, yep she pulled it out herself. That is something she would do:). Soeur Li come to visit and brought her camera. Morgan wanted to look at it and I guess she turned it around and took a photo of herself and looked at it. Troy came back in the room and Morgan was sad then he found out what happened. Ugh! That one is killing me. She really is doing so amazing. I can't wait to see her, one more day. I haven't really read any messages while we have been gone. I am so overwhelmed for the support. Thank you all so much! I really am speechless. Thank you.

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