Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 45...January 27, 2014

Day 45.... Morgan is sill doing great! Today she had a speech therapy session and I loved the looks Audrey, her therapist, had when working with Morgan. She is doing excellent! Troy and I looked at each other and smiled. Her attitude and smile are awesome! She continues with the "why not" saying. We love it! This weekend was pretty low key. We went early Saturday morning to find warmer clothes for her. Kylee Champlin was so great to help us. I knew it was a one stop shop that had to be quick and easy. It was. We did forget to look at shoes but the girlies helped out Sunday morning so Morgan wouldn't have to wear her "crocs with socks" to church! She was so excited to go. She was planning on all three meetings but I said "maybe we should see how you do after sacrament. She said "missionaries do not skip out on church". She made it about 45 min and then had to go. It was a bit to much just yet.. Today Morgan was able to Skype a missionary friend in Australia. That was fun and Morgan seemed to remember a few more details from stories. I don't know if it just gets her brain working talking with missionary friends but it seems to work. She starts to talk about things more. She was telling me she now remembers scratching the door on the car right before her accident. We heard about it from the Andersens while in Tahiti. Elder Anderson was laughing a bit while telling us how Morgan was trying to back down a steep hill with brick walls on both sides and keep getting to close to the wall and it scratched the door. I asked Morgan before about it but she didn't remember. I told Elder Andersen it might be selective memory but today, she now remembers!! She also got to email chat with a Great MTC friend today who is actually serving in her last area Maraa. That was good for her too. She misses Maraa and Sister Jana Urling. Well, just a week of more therapy and sleep. She has been sleeping a lot so that is good too. I am happy to say that not a lot is going on right now!! It should stay that way for a couple more weeks. Just rest and recovery.

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